The Arc and Lore *Spoilers*

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It'll be interesting to see what they use, as they mentioned it will be a mix of Ports Adventure stuff, their own ideas, and some stuff from Runelabs suggestions from the time.

On the matter of miniquests, the whole slaver thing was mentioned, so it will most likely be connected to a miniquest.

I do hope we get to see a bit of the colonizing and the Saradominists and Guthixians in the area (I think Zamorakians are in a later region of the Arc). We'll see.

Also, forgot to mention it, but Cyclosis (which comes in October) was confirmed to require you to discover it in ports to travel to...which makes sense. Why go on a mission to discover it when you've already set foot on it?

Probably means each region will have one island you need to unlock.

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