The Dragonkin in the God Wars

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Quickie theory, but I'm sure everyone here has noticed the skeletons in-game in the Wilderness that appear to be dragonkin, well I think I know what they were doing there.

I believe that when Zamorak was confronted by the other gods and was using the stone to generate a large explosion, the energy he drew on caught the dragonkin's attention, who arrived in Forinthry to stop him from drawing any more energy. I believe that they were not able to reach him in time before the blast was set off, incinerating them and everything else in Forinthry.

What do you think?
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03-Mar-2018 04:39:52

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one thing to consider is that the blast the kethsians used on them just made them stronger and judging by how powerful they thought it was, it should have wiped them out in the same manner... but it doesn't

zam used the stone for that blast, it might well have made them unstoppable instead of killing them, meaning something else possibly killed them before or after

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Yeah I'm not sure how the blast could have killed the Kin. It should just have made them stronger, unless you want to argue they were somehow "overloaded", but I think that's unlikely. Personally I'd just say the gods, or something else, killed the kin or the skeletons aren't actually Dragonkin at all. The examine is just speculation on our character's part. "Could this have been one of the ancient Dragonkin?" -
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In Dishonour Among Theives, we witness the moments prior to the explosion that created the Wilderness. During this scene, we can see that the Stone was in a state of instability

Here's my guess as to what happened:

As Zamorak was driven into a corner and his forces steadily decimated, he was driven to draw upon the Stone's Power more and more. The Dragonkin normally avoid trying to destroy false users that are gods due to the notable power differential between them and a god and the low number of their species. Zamorak's constant use of the Stone, however managed to enrage some amount of dragonkin enough that it overpowered their sense of self preservation.

So some amount of Dragonkin make their way into the Wilderness toward Zamorak and the gods assembled. Meanwhile, Zamorak finds himself cornered and ends up using the now unstable stone. This causes the stone to react unpredictably, releasing an explosion of power directly rather than the user gaining the power first (the part that makes the kin stronger) and then using that power.

The stone's unstable state is what allowed the explosion to kill the Dragonkin and is not something that it can normally be used to do.

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The Dragonkin were not as powerful as they are now since the stone hasn't been used as much. Even if using the stone powered them up they still were not strong enough to resist what Zamorak did, who was likely stronger than them at the time since in the Fourth Age a human like Robert the Strong was able to kill a Dragonkin. Brassica X Marimbo OTP

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The skeletal remains didn't have to just come from that one moment.

It's possible that:
- they were just left over remains from Robert the Strong's crusade against the Dragonkin.
The Dragonkin did operate in the Wilderness around the same time as Robert. He and his allies might have just caught the Dragonkin 1 at a time.

- inter-Dragonkin conflict.
We know that Dragonkin aren't exactly the most emotionally stable group out there. All it would take is for a few Dragonkin to suggest something that the rest of them considered heretical (ie: Why not join up with a False User?) or "stupid" ... or just to say anything at the wrong possible moment ... next thing you know ... you've got a handful of Dragonkin getting lynched.

- random encounter that led to their death.
It is true that Dragonkin are hard to kill. But they aren't invincible.
Gielinor has been host to a variety of creatures.
All it takes is 1 random mutation for a creature to gain the ability to harm (or kill) a Dragonkin.
Perhaps the Dragonkin remains were ones that got too close to a creature in the Wilderness that they trying to study ... for some reason ... and the creature ended up killing them ... or at least harming them enough that the Dragonkin succumbed to their wounds.
Heck, for all we know, Dragonkin are weak to the Chaos Elemental.

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Some dragonkin ruthlessly blazed to death by the Catalyst; the irony was strong in that one. In all seriousness that's a very good theory, it's likely they'd teleport in like they did with Lucien. Then, Zamorak already being surrounded by three gods, was willing to take the risk of concentrating and unleashing all of its power on the extremely powerful younger gods.

Eventually some Dragonkin not knowing of what would transpire (already mentally exhausted from the pain, especially when it was unstable), got so desperate they went as close as fast as they could to the False User (who they did not know was a god), then, either:

option A)
They got somewhere pretty close to it, then the Stone's blast magically destroyed them and sent them ablaze, slowly burning and disintegrating as the continent itself, succumbing from their wounds some time after.

I suppose, as for the gods who survived the blast, their godhood tier protected them somewhat from the mortal blast, that the Dragonkin were more susceptible but less so than, say, mortals, be it humans or aviansie etc.

While I know comparison is not reason, one could compare it to the Curse of Zaros thing, some creatures like humans being more affected, while others like vampyre and Mahjarrat and whatnot practically not being affected (or more slowly so than the less powerful races).

option B) After the destruction, the gods flee and are in absolute shock, their armies being utterly destroyed with them recovering their strength, consolidating their rule in their own territory with what forces they have left.

Zamorak, curious to observe/study the damage brought upon Forinthry, basically watching every spot and corner to see what's left of gods, then sees a wounded Dragonkin who survived the blast somehow (thanks to it being empowered), then tortures it for questioning, or quickly but cruelly puts it out of its misery (Robert the Strong did it too), fully aware the risks of letting a thing like that wander around.
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