Afterlife: The Proof We Seek?

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Wonderfully written, and a VERY compelling theory. If the devs ever look at the forums, I hope they see this thread - there are too many open story avenues for this NOT to be explored!

A band of plucky humans proving their worth to some cotillion of unfathomably ancient, vastly powerful beings is actually a pretty standard trope in fantasy and scifi, and all too often it comes down to a scene where the heroes puff out their chests and show how tenacious, strong willed, and adaptable they are - a conclusion that typically feels cliched and didactic.

Something like this - an actual mechanism, a phenomenon that we have that is beyond their perception or ability - now THAT is something we can work with, and you've outlined beautifully how it can fit into Teragard and the desert series - and by extension Robert the Strong and the Dragonkin. Hell, even Xau-Tak, with his necromantic overtones, can give us an opportunity to explore the tether between the soul, the body, and the afterlife. This gives us a well-defined goal set at the head of a deeply shadowed path.

My own theories on the afterlife are very similar to yours, albeit with a different metaphor. I like to think of it as a sort of water table of inert anima in a world's anima mundi. The top layer is turbulent, both fed and exploited by the mortals who call that plane home. But that surplus of anima, fed as it is by the anima (soul) of mortals, is shaped by their consciousness. When the soul is untethered from the body, it gravitates to the place where most of its essence is kept - the afterlife it helps create. Anyways, I go more into detail here.

One minor correction - the Fremennik likely do not return to the afterlife of Teragard, but rather the afterlife of the Fremennik homeworld (one of many in the human diaspora). I'm curious to see if this comes into play.

Also, Schism stuff.

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