Could Temekel be alive?

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Swolllliosis said:

The Kharid-ib, for those that don't know, is a magic diamond that can trap nearby people's souls and unleash them into dead bodies to make zombies (Letter signed by Pontifex), and the people inside them do have some consciousness of what is going on outside the diamond, like when a few of the trapees started cringing about how Amascut was going to devour them all when she got a hold of the diamond.

This is false - the Kharid Ib does nothing with souls, it's simply able to possess and speak through things, including the dead. It was the Kharid-Ib itself speaking during Diamond in the Rough (and presumably via Tumeken in the letter).
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Maiden China

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Lethalintent said:
Now, I say worthy I mean rather pathetic. Lucien could barely lift a sword and guess who did him in :p
thought that was weird too. He has a tendency to forget that he's far better with magic though (rotm) and apparently so do the dragonkin

(I suppose you imagine the kin were just smart enough to realize lucien was a mage and that their dragonbreath or magic would be ineffective and then attacked him before he had a chamce to do anything spell-like thereby forcing him into melee combat)

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