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Huh, I'd forgetten about the fairy ring network, though it was once said that Zaneris was the gateway to Gielinor. And that the Fairy Network was built on the remains of a gate system.

List updated.
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I have a lot of things I think need guarding.

The soul obelisk: Yeah Zanik. She's already there, right? Well, for those who chose to let her be there.
Every Elder artifact: Since I already have the Measure, I'll keep that one.
The Blade is useless in its current form, so no need there.. keep it sealed in that chamber anyway.
I'd only trust myself with the Siphon and the Locator, though I'd keep them hidden away somewhere very secluded and well-guarded. Somewhere with a really long, complex puzzle. Like the Elemental Workshop.
The Catalyst I'm not sure I want to keep to make myself such a target by keeping. Give it to the most powerful, neutral being I can think of.. Vorago. (Alternatively, Kerapac. Let him use it for his research.)
The Kiln is obviously staying put, so let the TokHaar handle that, they've done well so far.
The Mirror I'd probably want kept by somebody who matches Vorago's brawn with their own brains. I need a master of the arts of deception and subterfuge.. Osman, the Spymaster of Al-Kharid.
The Horn I'd give to the TokHaar as well. Its original purpose was to communicate with them.

The World Gate: Due to their proximity and ease of access, the Elves. More specifically, the 8 clan Lords/Ladies.
The Heart of Gielinor: Something about the Elder Gods having a failsafe protection makes me think it NEEDS guarding. Telos stays as my guardian.
The Ritual Site: Let's face it, the Mahjarrat are far too powerful to be left unchecked. Kharshai. To ensure they'll take him seriously, I'll allow him access to the Siphon and Locator, to increase his power when the Ritual draws near.

That's all I can think of for now.
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when tww was almost released I thought one of the taverly druids (the one in the quest) was a guardian
and that turned out not to be the case...

It ould be nifty if it were so though. It would be interesting if, since they're mortal, the role would be passed on, but still have some power associated with it

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