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Mod Raven

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Renzler said:
I wish there was a bit more seriousness to Brassica and even lore that makes him more relevant as a god.

So whilst I disagree that there should be more seriousness there, I do believe that Brassica is entirely relevant as a god.

Our gods are NOT celestial entities that forged the universe (not to be confused with the Elder Gods). They are mortals who ascended to their position by absorbing power in some way. Either by providence of their birth (Zaros and Seren, who absorbed their power via Mah) or by action (Zamorak who stole his divinity from Zaros).

Whilst they act high and mighty and superior, at their core, their truest self, they're just as mortal as anyone else and as fallible.

This is where Brassica (and to an extent Marimbo, but Brassica most of all) comes in. Brassica is the surest, most ridiculous, example of what a god is. He is a cabbage that gained divine power because [REDACTED] and became a god. He is a reminder to all the gods that they too once walked on the dirt and struggled like the rest of us. That he has just as strong a claim to the name "god" as any of them do.

He's a reminder to mortals as well and that's why the other gods are a little wary of him.

For RuneScape he serves a similar purpose. A reminder that, yes, our game can be very serious. We can be dark, we can be cruel, we can match (and in my opinion exceed) the story quality of any other game for serious narrative. But we're also fun and we're silly and we made a name for ourselves with puns and terrible dad-jokes. Brassica represents this heritage as well.

My two cents. ;)

= Raven =

19-May-2017 09:22:11

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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CaptainTripp said:
More to consuder as food for this hungry baby quest suggestion. Thanks mod. <3

If I may ask your opinion, should you ever return to this thread. (Or anyome reading this post for that matter...) How do you see Brassica 'arising' into roughly the role of Guthix? However over peacekeeper... I see him more a referee. Making sure the fight was fair. (Essentially the excuse for world events to be so balanced and without dirty tricks like some gods try in quests.

Or even just saving the world with something silly. The zamorakian mage in the abyss has begun losing control and a rift has opened in the wilderbess. After a lengthy quest of doing research to close it... Just before it gets out of control... Brassica pops up and plugs it with an enormous cabbage, claiming it as a monumdnt to himself.

I don't think Brassica will ever be a Guthix level of involvement. He's a fun, strange character and he works by not taking him seriously. Giving him a defined role as mediator would actually diminish that and then we'd have to reconcile his inherent sillines. Same goes for Marimbo.

= Raven =

19-May-2017 14:50:14

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