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For those of you who think sacrificing gielinor is the best option we can't even get Jagex to to create abbinah so I doubt they are going to destroy gielinor! elves and aviansie on tarddidad doesn't take into account whether the planet could support all the elves plus the avaiansie as apposed to just the aviansie and the crystal shapeshifters! Frenekae is basically uninhabitable! and Yubiusk may be healing but how many of Bandos followers understand the concept of farming and plants(enough to feed that many races?) Also there are innocent creatures incapable of leaving (even a lot of the plants on gielinor are sentient lets be honest) Also since I doubt they would come How many of us are willing to condemn the harr to oblivion!Hey Jagex this would be a good place for a vorago quest! Kerapac is definitely a threat to this world! Point is gielinor isn't getting destroyed because all the evacuation worlds except 2 Jagex has not created yet and the game still needs to continue! So by that standard all adventurer's would have to move to either tarddiad or Freneskrae! And gielinor is vastly populated who knows how long evacuation would take and there is only one escape point!

16-May-2019 00:16:27

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