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Solonduin said:
ok maby im being dumb but how can this quest not have mandatory requirments including endgame and the light within? how can seren exist before you restore her during the events of the ligh within. this whole quest just feels like a cheap way for jagex to introduce more mxt into the game and yet another bonus xp weekend I thoroughly enjoy questing for the lore and the dialoge and this whole quest just kinda pisses me off I feel like it devalues people who have worked hard to get the quest cape and followed the lore since it has literally zero requriments and yet seren is suddenly alive?? ok maby im beign stupid with my lore and ive missed somthing but im pretty sure seren only existed after the events of the light within at least in her coporal form? I mean come on jagex if your gonna release a quest based around somthing as massive as seren's retuern after she shattered herself into crystals to save her elves at least make it quests locked???

Same reason you can do 6th age quests without finishing every single 5th age quest in the game. It would lock out too many people, it's a brand new story line and they want to open it up to as many people as realistically possible.
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30-May-2019 06:53:20

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I guess this is just the issue with a live game like RS
things have to happen in the game world for it to fundamentally work the same for everyone even if we aren't a part of it
I remember when I started out a couple years back it was so confusing but now understanding everything gives it a lot of perspective and helps me to appreciate everything better
I know it doesn't make sense but its also not fair for a new player to have to do soo much
I remember how off-putting it was for me to have to grind all these skills I don't like and also make money for bonds to keep up my membership and also grind the quests (most of which I loved but its not possible to love every single quest and questline) and I would burn myself out really fast and then need regular breaks to keep my sanity lol
Its just something we have to live with and try to make as easy as possible while also doing justice to the storylines (which is impossible) so this is just the best they can do
Don't get me wrong, the grind and everything was worth it, but only AFTER doing everything but the journey was harddd
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02-Jun-2019 20:59:54

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