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Oh gosh Sliske was my favorite character by far! I understand why most people hate him and are tired of seeing him and hearing about him but his situation definitely needs to be addressed and I hope we can do it when it makes sense.

I do agree that the plot is way too fast. It started out with "wow Mahjarrat are these really cool beings!" and then they were reduced to.. lol. Then it was "Gods are so cool and knowledgeable and powerful and completely unbeatable!" and then Seren said she wanted to make a garden. Now its "oh shiz how do we even Elder God??"

The gravity of the situations is now worlds apart and I really hope they handle it well. I guess some cheesy moments are bound to happen here and there but it shouldn't fundamentally ruin the experience. Also they regret what they did with Menaphos so hopefully this new area is handled better.
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03-Jun-2019 19:29:44

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Sliske might not be addressed for a while. While they are resetting requirements, I can kind of understand them continuing Kerapac's story as its own thing, while addressing Sliske's fate frankly should require Endgame, which is something they are not going to do for quite some time.

Yeah, the Mahjarrat used to have a good balance between being known as worshippers while managing to be powerful threats in their own right. Now they're about as important as Hazeel's own cultists are. I believe Children of Mah could have been the start of new Mahjarrat stories, but they don't seem to be interested in doing anything with that. They made it easier to access Children of Mah so you can do Endgame, but I don't believe there's much drive to actually do Children of Mah.

They've established that the Elder Gods are the upper limit, so I'd be grateful if we can de-escalate the story after we deal with them, but we won't be doing with them for a while, since we have to worry about Kerapac first. So it's simultaneously going too fast, but also too slow? Like we have a general idea of where this storyline is going, but actually getting there is taking a while, that Kerapac feels more like a filler villain to me, even though he has every reason to be treated as a main villain.

I'd be happy if they learned from Menaphos. I believe the Arc did better for them, so that could be a better model. They got too ambitious with Menaphos, but I would at least like them to find a way for that ambition to pay off, rather than seeing failure and being discouraged.

06-Jun-2019 17:41:37

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Other online games handle story arcs by making you buy an expansion or something. But we know how expansions went (rolls eyes). i am not sure how ambitious you can be with story in games like this.

To me, I definitely feel the sense of power creep and I thought desperate times was meh. I enjoyed it, and what it's leading to, but the presence of all of these characters was odd.

Granted, I think you're reading the council wrong. To me, I would read it not as "here's this character ;)" I would read it as having the new players seeing the people there and asking the exact question "Who is this person??" to drive interest in the older content, some of which needs to be finished *cough*gnomes*coughcough* but they don't have the interest to justify the investment.

We will have to see how that pans out. I see why they did the council, tho I agree Seren was potato. Though i do like some of the things other people said. Though perhaps the point is to make Seren look potato. That she is overly naive thinking the Elder Gods would have been impressed by a garden they can just poof into existence. That even faced with the apocalypse pettiness can mess with progress. If they were aiming for that, that's okay. I can live with it narratively. Though I feel Seren ought to have had a smarter plan than that, theoretically she has the mind. But it isn't out of character for her to get doe-eyed and too ruled by naivety.

Regarding the LooT, I think not expecting dragonkin lore is folly. There will be kin lore. They came from the east. Dinosaurs are big lizards. I personally expect lore on the more specific process that led to dragons (kin/dino splicing anyone?) I hope they do something like have a good spectrum of content considering the low reqs but need for good mid-high level content but not endgame tier.

29-Jun-2019 19:10:12

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