Elidinis is dead.

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Before you read on, this is all headcanon theory.

Elidinis is dead. She was not invited during Sliske's Grand Ascension (which took place in the 6th Age), despite being a god. Why didn't Sliske invite her or at least give her her own podium?

Here is what I think: something happened to her during the timeframe between the Desert series questline up to the point of Sliske's Ascension Ceremony.

Sliske invited Marimbo AND Seren, despite not knowing their current state or whether or not they were even on Gielinor. He assumed they were on Gielinor and invited them anyway. Why did he not Elidinis? Something must have happened to her causing Sliske not to invite her. Sliske obviously didn't invite her husband, Tumeken, because he and all the other Mahjarrat witnessed his death in person.

I don't believe Sliske was unaware of Seren's shattered state, her background with Zaros, or the fact she is an almighty tier 2 god, but he STILL invited her anyway probably assuming she was some average god in the ranks of Armadyl and Marimbo. Obviously since MPD is a predecessor quest of TLW, Seren was still shattered at the time. He must have not know of her shattered state. Why would Sliske leave a podium/send an invitation to Seren if he knew she was "dead" and not going to show up, like Tumken?

Did Sliske simply forget to invite Elidinis? I don't think this is the case. How can you remember to invite a monkey and cabbage god but not the mother of two arbiters of the afterlife?!

According to the recent Summer Summit survey, the desert quest series is to continue on in the 5th age. Whatever happened to Elidinis must have happened sometime shortly after Guthix died (or she died off-plane during the 5th age desert questline and we somehow all witnessed it, including Sliske, who is said to constantly stalk us from the Shadow Realm.)

OHH, and what about Amascut! She didn't get a podium too! Maybe beause she died during the 5th age Desert storyline?

I worship Mah, for she is mah homegirl! The correct adjective for Mah's followers are: Mahomies, Mah-homeboys, or Mah-homegirls.

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