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Aww man i wish i knew about this, so many questions i'd of liked to ask. Worth a shot putting them up here anyway

1. Most magic in rs comes from runes made from the stone of jas and is the classic elemental magic we know. Ancient magic though is zarosian and serenic and seems to be made of other elements, (blood, shadow etc..) and they came from mah. A theory of mine is different elders make different sets of magic with different elements, is there anything to this? Could possibly explain the mahjarrats unique power to enter the shadow realm as shadow is one of mah's elements (if there is something to this)

2. In a similar fashion to question 1, jas made her stone from one of her eggs right? Firstly does that mean 1 revision she made 2 or just lived for 2 universes one time? If so could other elders make stones of their own in the same way. Like a stone of mah, or stone of wen?

3. I know you wont answer this directly so i'll phase it vaguely. Is the gilenor elder halls location somewhere already in the game. I have a very good idea where but if i ask that i know you wont answer it =P

4. Is armadyl's "secret weapon" mentioned in sliske's endgame the staff or his other elder artifact? Also does that artifact have anything to do with why abbinah's smashed to pieces?

5. Since zaros and seren are the 2 major aspects of mah, if they fused would it recreate mah? =P

6. I heard someone one time about the eastern lands having a MASSIVE divination rift underwater, is that true or just some rumor?

7. Will there ever come a time when we'll see all 12 elder artifacts ingame, or atleast get concept art for them. I'd love to make a piece of fan art showing all 12 sometime

8. With gilenor very full with content, is there any future plans to fully open up other home worlds like tardiad or new domina for content? Like new continents on other worlds with their own quest lines and such? Perfect idea for expansions ;)

17-Jan-2017 23:57:46

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