Entrana is Bik? :O?

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Also, no Entrana is not Bik.

Bik is Entrana. There's a difference.
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this thing (and also Mah's physical body) may only be a very small part of who/what Bik is, represented in a way that humans can sort of understand

they keep saying that elder gods are so far above us (even though they seem like world-eating bugs)... and maybe they are actually so far above us that the tiny part of them we can see isn't accurately representing them at all. They might really truly not care what's gong down on gielinor, they might have their own elder god lives and elder god worries far outside of what we'd think is the universe. If some insignifant thing attacks and kills a single cell of your body through great effort and at great cost, you're never going to care, those cells die every day

That... that would be what I imagine as 'describing a dragon to an amoeba'

Mah is the weirdo, ofcourse, her mind is occupied with what the regular elders would see as total nonsense... this universe, so it would make sense for that tiny aspect of her to have a humanoid form
another thing I would like to add to that...

if all the gods and all the mortals (and all the king's horses and all the king's men) put aside their differences and attacked and killed this thing (presumably with fairly serious losses) the 'elder god cells' beside it would quite quickly realize that it died and replace it witha very similar 'cell' meaning you'd have gained nothing from all this effort

I feel like that might be ... somewhat of a decent quest. Like 'hey, lets go kill an elder god' and then at the end half the slayer masters in runescape are dead, Lucien has the stone, the dragonkin are out and about again, and you've gained absolutely nothing (except a fair amount of combat xp and various other nifty rewards)
I would find it very odd if those elder god bodies you see in rs would be 'all' of them... that would make them at our level

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