Which emissary do you support?

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What was wrong with my thread? :O I bump it like every other week

Anyway I follow Mah, which makes me automatically a Zarosian and Serenist. Zaros and Seren came from Mah. They were pre-programmed upon birth with different personalities, interests, and goals. Different polar opposites. Seren represents Mah's loving, emotional side. Zaros represents her calculative, cunning side. Ultimately, when mixed together, they form Mah's overall personality. Seren and Zaros are basically her avatars, like Tumeken and his 4 facets he separated from his soul, Crondis, Het, Apmeken, and Scabaras. Each of them are said to represent a part of Tumeken's core beliefs. The Dark Lord was said to represent to represent Seren's evil, etc.
I worship Mah, for she is mah homegirl! The correct adjective for Mah's followers are: Mahomies, Mah-homeboys, or Mah-homegirls.

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