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We don't have a lot of history on the Dark Wizard Tower.
Even more interestingly, you ever stop to wonder why the White Knights don't just go and wipe them out?

In the 5th Age, with the founding of Falador and the Asgarnian kingdom, there was a good deal of Zamorakian support. The Kinshra were a favorite of King Raddallin. And the Kinshra, along with the White Knights, helped to protect the kingdom.
Over time, the support for Zamorakians waned. Then the burning of the Wizard Tower had many of Zamorakians get expelled from the city and kingdom. Eventually leading to the schism between the White Knights and the Kinshra.

But as stated, much of the support was gone, but not completely.
We do know, for example, Miazrqa is a princess in Asgarnia, and her distant cousin is Nora T. Hagg, the Witch south of Taverly (Witch's House quest). So there are still some Zamorakians around, just with limited (if any) influence.

It is possible that the Dark Wizard Tower was originally founded by the few remaining Zamorakian worshipers in the kingdom, with the secret support of the very elderly King Raddallin. The first members of that Tower could have been the lower level Zamorakian Red Mages from the First Wizard's Tower.

But that said, why would their presence still be tolerated?
Well, there are a few possibilities:
- The White Knights don't consider them that much of a threat.
They are a small number. There is little activity on their side. The tower could even be focused on mundane magical theory rather than combat, necromancy, etc.
- A literal application of "keep your friends close, and enemies closer".
By allowing the Dark/Red Wizards to setup shop there, the White/Temple Knights can keep a close eye on them.

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- The Kinshra probably hate them as well.
We know that Captain Dulcin hated Wizards (and women, and the weak, and many others) and that he wasn't alone in that particular feeling.
It's possible that while the Dark Wizards and Kinshra may have had some "professional courtesy" to each other as both followed Zamorak, that over time, their interest in each other eroded to the point that the Tower and Kinshra were more likely to attack each other than the White Knights.
Thus the White Knights keep them around under the "enemy of my enemy".
- Something else.
For years now, the disappearance of King Vallance has been a sore point. It could even be possible that the Dark Wizard Tower is in possession of the King. Potentially as a patient, rather than a prisoner.

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Possible reasons aside (ie: politics), why wouldn't the White Knights still just go out and attack them?

Well, on the surface, we only know that the limits of the Tower's defense are a bunch of tangled thorny roots/bushes and the handful of Dark Wizards in it.
There could be things such as magical traps and magical barriers at the Dark Wizards' disposal to hold off attacks. Even units of demons and undead in the basement they could throw at their attackers.
So, the White Knight's campaign to take the Tower could take little more than a few minutes or turn into a long and bloody siege.

Plus, the White Knights may simply not have the resources to take the Tower. Afterall, they've fought in a number of costly battles and wars of late.
Sulla had launched a siege of Falador in 164.
In 169, the White Knights were involved in fights all over the map including dealing with the Pests (along with the Void Knights), the losses against the Grotworms, the Sea Slug menace, and any unknown number of events.
In the 6th Age, they dealt with the Battle of Lumbridge and then the Invasion of Falador.

Their numbers may have dropped enough after each, that the White Knights did not want to risk leaving Falador less protected just too deal with a couple of mages ... even if the Tower is just a short hike away.

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Theoretical Timeline:
- 5th Age, Year 70-71, remnants of the Red Order of the First Wizard's Tower come to Asgarnia. The remaining influence of Zamorakians inside the court convince King Raddallin to allow them to take up residence in a Tower west of the city.
The Red Order change to Black Robes for a ... variety ... of reasons. (ie: in mourning of their loss of stature or the loss Zanmaron)
- 5th Age, Year 71, Temple Knights successfully infiltrate the ranks of the now "Dark Wizard's Tower" or plant a means of observing their movements and actions.
- 5th Age, Year 72, The Dark Wizards begin working in tandem with their Kinshra, ZMI, and other Zamorakian aligned orders. They continue their focus on research of spells.
- Year 130, relations between the Tower and Kinshra begin to cool.
- Year 150+, Zandar Horfyre becomes head of the Tower.
- Year 163, following the death of Lord Shadwell and the rise of other Kinshra lords, all relations between the Tower and Kinshra cease, bordering on hostility as subsequent lords of the Kinshra hold the Tower in low standing.
- Year 164, the Dark Wizard's Tower stays mostly neutral during the events of the Siege of Falador. This action worsens relations further with the Kinshra.
- Year 164 into the 7th Age, relations between the Tower and Kinshra begin to improve with the rise of Daquarius, but the Tower maintains its independence.

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Further theory as to why nothing happened:
Over the years, the Dark Wizard's Tower became a running joke among Zamorakians. While their magical research was legit, they were simply unable to produce many worthwhile mages.

The "structured environment" may work well for Saradominist Wizards, but not for a Zamorakian battle mage.

After the loss Zanmaron, the remaining mages had their own internal split. A few supporting Kelevan's plan to get revenge on the Saradominist wizards, several going to join organizations such as the ZMI and Dagon'hai, and several striking out on their own.
This left mostly the weakest mages to produce their own little research group.

As time passed, a few talented wizards did come out of the Tower, but for the most part, the Dark Wizards that stayed around could probably die if you sneezed on them.
The archmage (or equivalent head) of the Dark Wizard Tower didn't realize just how weak their order had become until a training session saw his own mages dying in battle against training dummies or chickens.
They had failed to follow the path laid out by Zamorak, even the Red Order's own creed "Strength thru Chaos". They had become rigid ... lazy ... ordered ...
However, the head of the tower also realized that this was the exact reason why not only the Kinshra left them alone, but as did the White Knights. They were a laughing a stock. As a whole, they were no threat.

In secret, the head of the Tower (at the time) began a plan to strengthen the mages, but at the same time, maintain their appearance of weakness.
Dark Wizards would be sent out. The ones that stayed would be the ones whose only skill was research.
After that, he began plotting to have the senior most mages get ready to replace him.

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Those that were willing, would be forced to fight it out for the title of Archmage of the Dark Wizard's Tower.
Only 1 would be left standing.
Through chaos. Through blood. Through death. Their order would rise again. All under the noses, and protection, of the White Knights.

They would also change their organization. One wizard, not the strongest, but the best at research, would remain at the tower as the outward face of the Tower. Forced to kowtow before the White Knights and politely "greet" any outsiders in order to maintain appearances.
In time, Zandar Horfyre would fill this role.
Meanwhile, the true leaders of the Tower would remain underground or roaming the world, strengthening themselves and the Tower. Finding any scrap of knowledge or artifacts. Or making plans within plans.
The Dark Wizards would become the true leaders of the Zamorakian order.

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During the 5th Age Siege of Falador and the 6th Age Invasion of Falador, the Tower stayed neutral.

During the 5th Age Siege, the Tower did provide any information they had, but the intel was useless. It was either common knowledge (ie: maps and locations that anyone can see) or tactically unimportant.

In addition, in both conflicts, the Tower would not have been useful.
It was too far away from Falador to be used as an artillery tower. And it was too close to be used as an observation post, since that role could just as easily be filled by spotters anywhere else around the city.
It did not appear to be structurally designed to withstand a siege. Thus, the Kinshra thought it would be fooldhardy to use the Tower as a fallback point.

These actions allowed the Dark Wizards to play along as appearing to "help" but not being of any use in a tactical or strategic way.

Plus, the Tower, may have quietly fed information back to the White/Temple Knights, knowing that whatever they supplied would be useless or commonly known as well, but for the sake of appearances, allow them to look like they wanted to side with Falador over the Kinshra.

Thus, the Tower played both sides. Regardless of the winner, they would get to stay.

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I would like some more lore on the ZMI (Zamorakian Magical Institute) in general to be honest. Exploring the conflict between them and the Wizards Tower would be fascinating to me.
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Probably because the wizards from the tower aren't any threat, and it would be needless casualties on the white knights' side.
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Add this to the list of headcanon that should become official. :)

One minor typo: We're in the 6th age, not the 7th age :P
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