Pacifistic Bandosianism?

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Why do all the Bandosians need to be 'Warlike'
Sure, Bandos was the War God but his followers only adapted that during his dominance.

Bandosians have potential to be Pacifistic Warrior cultures, they clearly have a sense of honor, letting Graardor live due to his race's extinction.

So why not? If goblins can do it, maybe even Orks, Trolls, and even Ogres can give up warlike tendencies and fight only when needed, like the Armadyleans, they would certainly be liked more...

(I know this is a crackpot suggestion but why tf not?)

24-Aug-2016 17:50:36

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It would be like being a peaceful Zamorakian, or a chaotic Serenist it's deliberately going against the teachings and philosophy of the god and faction altogether.

It "Could" happen, but it would be pointless.
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24-Aug-2016 18:25:45

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If that happened, chances are they would not be a bandosian anymore
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24-Aug-2016 19:16:21

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The only instances where Bandosians have been 'pacifistic' is where the goblins, ogres and trolls made settlements for themselves. This happened after Bandos was banished after the God Wars. They still had their civil wars but eventually they stopped and made civilisations. Henceforth the likes of the Goblin Village, Gu'Tanoth, Oo'glog and Trollheim were born. They may not have been the most peaceable or educated of races, but culture was starting to bloom without Bandos. Prepare for hell on RuneScape in Naval Cataclysm!

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24-Aug-2016 20:20:06

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No. I guess you could interpret Bandos' philosophy in a violence-free way, practicing a survival-of-the-fittest lifestyle with words/diplomacy. But war is such a major tenet of Bandos that cutting it out of his philosophy pretty much makes it something else. Patrolling Lore FC almost makes you wish for a Great Revision.

24-Aug-2016 20:34:03

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Solanumtinkr said:
Ermmm. Everyone does know that there are many types of pacifism, not just never commit violence, right?

In the context of Bandos they might as well all be the same, though, since any aversion to violence is anathema.
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24-Aug-2016 21:10:56



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Are you talking about before or after his death?

Either way, you can blame Bandos for their violent nature. Bandos says everyone should fight, and so that is what they do.

He pounded this belief into every race he visited's skull. Races who were already violent in nature were easier to convert to him then others. According to Bandos, only the very strongest deserve the gift of continued existence. Everyone else must be removed. Bandos taught this to his followers, and he killed anyone who opposed him. The cave goblins are one of the few, if not, only, races that have successfully rebelled against his tyrannical violent nature to this day.

Also, if you recall in The Mighty Fall, the cave goblins are still being hunted down by the loyalists like Graardor. Simply put, Bandos and his followers will just not allow for peace in their religion. Anyone who thinks otherwise, like the cave goblin, are no longer considered Bandosians and should be condemned to death.

There were many races that were originally "peaceful" before Bandos visited and recruited them. Bandos' influence was the sole reason for their change of nature. Take a look at the Ourg known as Zarador, for example. He speaks perfect english, unlike other Bandosians. That is because his tribe were more scholarly than kill kill kill. He would have died if it weren't for his strategic mind.

If a Bandosian today decided to become "pacifistic," they would have to face the wrath of other Bandosians, since most bandosians lack intelligence for morals to establish pacifism.
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25-Aug-2016 01:54:52



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Why would they? It is stupid, immoral, cowardly, weak, and dull. A peaceful Bandosian is about as logical as a violent Saradominist or a brutish Armadylean.....unfortunately both of these are common. Runescape doesn't need a needs a villain. An all encompassing force of evil that will remain ever-threatening and use chaos to make the peoples of Gielinor tolerate each other, grow strong together, and fight side by side against this evil. I am that villain.

25-Aug-2016 03:49:09

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You weak. You not fight. Not worthy of Big high war god. Squish you. *Splat*.

Anything but that and its not bandosian.
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25-Aug-2016 07:36:24

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