Pacifistic Bandosianism?

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Are you talking about before or after his death?

Either way, you can blame Bandos for their violent nature. Bandos says everyone should fight, and so that is what they do.

He pounded this belief into every race he visited's skull. Races who were already violent in nature were easier to convert to him then others. According to Bandos, only the very strongest deserve the gift of continued existence. Everyone else must be removed. Bandos taught this to his followers, and he killed anyone who opposed him. The cave goblins are one of the few, if not, only, races that have successfully rebelled against his tyrannical violent nature to this day.

Also, if you recall in The Mighty Fall, the cave goblins are still being hunted down by the loyalists like Graardor. Simply put, Bandos and his followers will just not allow for peace in their religion. Anyone who thinks otherwise, like the cave goblin, are no longer considered Bandosians and should be condemned to death.

There were many races that were originally "peaceful" before Bandos visited and recruited them. Bandos' influence was the sole reason for their change of nature. Take a look at the Ourg known as Zarador, for example. He speaks perfect english, unlike other Bandosians. That is because his tribe were more scholarly than kill kill kill. He would have died if it weren't for his strategic mind.

If a Bandosian today decided to become "pacifistic," they would have to face the wrath of other Bandosians, since most bandosians lack intelligence for morals to establish pacifism.
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