Elidinis the God of Storms?

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So a sort of conclusion, I just find it silly to say the spiders, or Eilidnis for that matter were morally incorrect in any objective sense because I have yet to see any conceivable way that you could form a true and unbiased moral criteria in which to judge them on, and that if we are to judge the spider things, I would prefer if we keep in mind that our own morality likely comes from our own culture, and is reflective of our own cultural values, which may or may not have any sort of objectivity to them, and if it is indeed true that our morality only comes to be through physical and cultural necessity, to further label the behaviors of another culture (even a fictional one) as wrong despite also being a necessity for cultural survival, could be construed as hypocritical, in a very loose sense of the word.

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SonofZeruiah said:
I agree that is pretty close to rape. the angle I was considering was this: the spiders seem to mate only if they possessed the desirable traits to pass on to the next generation.

Yeah, so do humans. It's called, 'finding somebody attractive.'

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I wasn't expecting Elidinis to be such a bitch, to be honest. I always thought she was a kind of "motherly" figure to the Pantheon and not violent and temperamental. That being said, the book was an interesting read.
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