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A bit sad really.. this is genuine discussion pretty appalled tbh that you locked it instead of moving the forum of the topic if this is the wrong place.

I have found divination to be a sexual innuendo within itself. its very off putting.
can you change the animation of how you place the orbs into the hole other than thrusting it? jees.. guess your mod's a sensitive to a real discussion.

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"kid friendly game" Humps the hole on the floor as a skill after collecting the floating balls. come on.. I aint alone on this. its too obvious.

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Are you out of your cockadoodle mind? This is the lore forum where we discuss LORE. If you want to make LEGIT suggestions to improve/change the game, go to the proper subforum, not here.
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Why lock it?

1. This is Lore not some crappy discussion about what you are saying.

2. Inappropriate.

3. You had nothing to go on.

4. It is a bit stupid. No one until you has even mentioned it, and I don't see how it is sexual at all. How about you try to get your mind out of the gutter, then you might be able to come up with something that is worth talking about.

5. This one is probably going to get locked as well. If you want to post, then learn how to use this area of the website.
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16-May-2017 06:25:12

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Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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So, this doesn't look like a lore discussion and largely seems to be a rant about a previous discussion being locked, so I've decided to lock this thread and let everyone go back to actual lore discussions.

I mean it's clear this is a troll thread, but at least try and be on the topic of the forum.

= Raven =

16-May-2017 11:37:04

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