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Gamez X said:
Ok theres a little snag with the beast just "handing over its godhood". I once asked the mods about that possibility of a god just giving up its godhood but raven said they cant just do that. So unless they've changed their mind, only an elder artifact being used somewhere in this story would transfer the godhood

It sounds to me that when Raven said they couldn't "give up their godhood" it meant gods couldn't descend back to a mortal state, not that they couldn't give "godhood" to others. We already know gods are able to give power to others, as shown with the desert aspects, Icthlarin, Amascut and (to a lesser extent) Zanik. Godhood has also been transferred without an Elder Artifact in the case of Bandos. And even then, it's worth noting Gara-Dul's power only transferred upon its death.
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