Eastern Lands: Scale

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A while back I tried to use the map of the Eastern Lands that came with ports to approximate its size compared to the rest of the world we know. With the release of a few islands, I decided to try this again, but using the actual sizes of these new locations to scale the Eastern Lands. Below are the results!

Of course this is no guarantee of content (in fact they changed the relative sizes between the maps and the actual islands even just in this area), but it's fun to get a general feel of the huge scale of the Eastern Lands! :).
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It was I who requested Sliske carry out this task and post it on the RSOF (as I am lazy enough to outsource rather than do things myself); He was kind enough to oblige, and here we have it. Thanks, Sliske.

Tip, right-click and "Open image in new tab" for a better view.
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Obviously this is probably not going to be canon. If the Wushanko Isles were really THAT big and far apart, our voyages to even The Skull would take much longer than they do. A
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What I want to know is how much more there is to this world (and it would help to know its circumference as well)
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27-Jul-2016 15:20:34

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I'm fairly sure the main land is supposed to be about the size of Europe and Asia. So it's definitely the case that the mainland is bigger than it is on that map.

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Yea it can look like that in ingame map, but in ''real'' Gilenor the real mainland would be over 6 times larger than it's seen on map in comparsion to eastern lands due to scale theory.

27-Jul-2016 20:26:54

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Yeah, no. If the in-game scale were correct, in which case Whale's Maw is 2.5x as wide as Entrana, then the tip of the Kharidian desert that we see on the ports map would be as wide as all of the main continent.

The best estimate we have for scale is by matching the tip of the Kharidian desert, which yields this:
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