3rd Age Zarosians

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Miss Malice

Miss Malice

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I was thinking about how the Zarosian Empire, or at least its massive city states and fortresses, held up as well as they did throughout the Godwars. Overviews of history say Zaros was gone and his empire was torn apart, except it took a few thousand years for the likes of Annakaryl and Senntisten to cave, and they were still powerful when they did. Zamorak divided the elite of society and took most of the heavy hitters such as the Mahjarrat, Vampires and demonic armies, Azzanadra and Nex were imprisoned early in the age (I had forgotten this, I assumed Azz and Nex lead and defended, that when they were taken out then the empire really began to fall), and its said the Zarosians were beset on all sides by the gods and their armies. Who were the leaders during this time, who all remained with the empire, what sort of power or technology did they have over the other armies?

I would like to know more about the 3rd age Zarosians, I think this tells us the empire cant have been declining and stagnating half as far as Zamorak thought.

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King Shoshon

King Shoshon

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You might want to take a look at the Book of the Gods from the Zarosian Emissary in Varrock. It details some events from the aftermath of the Zamorak/Zaros fight to the fall of Senntisten to the followers left living in the shadows. We will move across their borders and pick our teeth with their bones. We will flush them from their homes and crush them beneath our paws. We will finally be free of the filthy Brown Tigers once and for all! White Tiger Kingdom! White Tiger World!

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Ancient Drew
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Ancient Drew

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I'd say Azzanadra was defending Senntisten, and Nex was guarding Ghorrock. Wahisietel may have protected Paddewwa when he tried to get Saradominists and Zamorakians against each other; this would have been to buy the Senntisten army more time to prepare a counter strike or rally themselves. Akthanakos, I'm not sure where he was before Enakhra caught up with him.

Jhallan may have been reasonably strong back then too (Azzanadra actually said he was a good warrior back in the day), but we don't know a great deal about the details of his powers aside from minor enchantment, or where he was, but we can assume he was at a place where a large proportion of the battle took place. He might have been in Carrallanger for example, which is now known as the Graveyard of Shadows, where one may find Zarosian graves. Seeing the suggestions that Zarosian forces went back to bury their dead there and mark their graves, and Jhallan eventually grew tired of the fighting, it is possible that he had witnessed an assault made by the Saradominists and Zamorakians before the humans of the Empire returned to honour their dead comrades.

Going slightly off topic here but another place to note is that Dareeyak is now a bunch of ruins west of the Bandit Camp. There one can find a farming patch and an anvil. Saradomin's forces took over the fortress before Guthixians conquered them after the God Wars, and likely destroyed it. This is further hinted by Summer, who says that the ruins come from a city next to her farm that she used to visit. Other settlers, possibly a group of people who would later inhabit the Bandit Camp in the Fifth Age, might have rebuilt the ruins of Dareeyak into a city of their own to trade, in this case farming goods and armoury. They might even have attacked the Bondes in order to take the furnace there.

And going back on topic, these things may leave clues. Dareeyak was taken by Saradomin; that is all I can say about it on the Third Age.
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I admire their resistance, though at this point it doesn't really matter, in the end their deaths have been in vain, because big brother was too busy doing absolutely nothing in his mother's basement, while most of the other gods were pretty much ravaging his strongholds and their unfortunate inhabitants.

IMO the only use for their sacrifice would be that they held off the hordes of the other gods enough to reduce their numbers a bit, perhaps lessening the scale of the war. I suppose the remaining few Zarosians must have been nuked by Zamorak right at the end of the Third Age, speaking of which, that must have been a hell of a sight...

But to answer your question, I guess they had used their knowledge of his renowned Ancient Magicks and some well-trained armies remaining loyal to him, with some Mahjarrat and possibly demons leading them. I think it was also mentioned that his human followers had a great strategic value in battle. Basically they were too stronk and experienced in war to get belted just like that.
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