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Ok, so I finally completed the MTX Event south of Lumby, and all gripes aside, the small environment looks objectively cool, and since I haven't seen any discussion on it yet, I figured I may as well make at least one post.

Since they seem to be tying in the MTX events with Lore, do you think we'll see more of Deathbeard in the future with Rabid Jack or Xau-Tak? If he does reappear, how do you think it'll happen, and what do you think his role will be?

(To me it seems like something relative to Xau is what attacked his ship. This way they're giving us a bit of the "other God's" lore to hold us over.)

Do you think they'll stick with this theme for MTX events?

Yea. Idk. Discuss.

I know we all hate MTX, but this isn't the place to bash it. Lets stick to the Lore plz.

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I think they might be doing it for character introduction.
Usually, you only saw new characters in quests, or when they released a lore/story (like The Coat Thief, or the story about A.R.M.S.)
Now, he's appeared in game, gave a story about himself. They can always pop him in later with some update event "Ya'rr. I've sailed about and investigated. Now I've run into more problems. I need more Doubloons to shake the tongues of some others ... but I can't say who."

Odds are, he appears in the Pirate Finale siding with the Pirates & Player against Rabid Jack and whoever Jack is working for.
Maybe doing something like the Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End. The Pirates are facing down Rabid Jack and about to fight him (or are losing the battle), Deathbeard arrives at the last moment turning his guns on Rabid Jack, and the 2 ships catch The Albatross in a crossfire.

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I thought this as well considering this event is just like the Fallen Nihil. I do enjoy these kinds of events as you can easily earn the currency in game and it gives nice lore in addition. I hope they continue doing events with this formula, its enjoyable and works well.
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I actually had to ask Researchwizard Jahoo what MTX stands for and i'm quite wailed ones would wail an argue over such simpleton features...

But over the dots on the topic, as second sailor ahoys, it would seem to be an introduction but in past it has been made clear when something's an introduction for something, or made very easily noticed to be a hint. Ofc idunno if ravens are involved with this one~

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