Ape Atoll's State vs Marimbo

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Swolllliosis said:
The Ape Atoll monkeys act nothing like their goddess, Marimbo. They are so strict, brutal, and live under a demanding monarchy. Where are all the parties, booze, fun? What happened between the time Marimbo left Gielinor and her return?

Did some huge ramification take place where they decided to neglect all of their goddess's basic principles of drinking until your brain dead? How the hell do you even change from a society of party-goers to a race of human-killing brutes that trains monkeys to become ninja assassins?

Why did some factions of Zamorakians become obssessed with causing chaos for the sake of destruction? They interpreted the doctrine differently. Keep in mind, Marimbo is the Goddess of Hedonism, and hedonism encourages pursuing self pleasure above all else. Mix in a ruler or two who decide that outsiders reduce the ability of the monkeys to pursue individual pleasure (especially with the inherent language barrier), and you very quickly develop an aggressively xenophobic society.

17-Sep-2017 04:20:33

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