The Anima Mundi

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The elders are perfectly aware that life must exist. The issue they have is with intelligent life existing. And since intelligence is but one possible outcome of the evolutionary process, the elders desire evidence that the presence of intelligent life is a net benefit for them.

Considering this dialogue from Heart of Stone that appears if you have runestones in your inventroy:

Wenkra: Her. Wen. One of the creators. The unmaker. Wait. I sense a trace of her power in you. You wield it bound in tiny stones. How dare you! How dare you claim to wield a fraction of her might and to name it so trivially! Your mind names it 'magic'. A word that in no way reflects the power you seek to emulate. Such power is not for TokHaar, nor any other living imperfection.
Your opinion is irrelevant, only They can decide. Your frivolous use of magic endangers the Great Task. You and your kind should cease immediately.

The very use of magic (of which intelligent life is very capable) places the Great Revision and, by extension, the elders themselves in danger, which is a big tick against the perpetuation of intelligent life.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that Zaros's initial belief that Mah was stillborn due to insufficient anima no longer appears to be true. From Children of Mah:

Seren: Mah, I see it now; that icy corruption torn into your core. You are like this because someone close to you willed it... There is only one way I can help you, I am just so sorry it has taken me this long to realise.

This indicates that Wen was likely responsible for Mah's stillbirth.

Furthermore given the existence of the Dragonkin from the previous revision and knowing that Mah was meant to prevent mortal life, we can conclude that Mah was corrupted at some point during the previous revision with Wen either corrupting her after Mah displayed traits out of the ordinary (I believe the example Jagex gave was making butterflies) or caused her to act out of the ordinary.

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Hguoh said:

Found the dialogues you posted on (rune) magic very interesting, since it is a critical entity in our lives. You also hit the nail on Mah, nice one -my memory has not been the best. As follows, I have implemented these insights to my thread. Allow me to elaborate on magic.

All refined magic energy sources are dynamically modulated to minimize excess burning of our own life-energy and associated death, the elves being a good example - having no need for rune magic and being independent of any more energy, becoming self-sufficient. Simply put, using magic dissolves the associated pathways defined by mortal energy needs and promotes the differentiated states we associate with godhood.

Extending this logic to us, I encourage the use and knowledge of magic in all its forms and the impact that it can have in promoting quality of it and in reducing the suffering on a global scale. This procedure becomes a fulltime perspective as one elaborates on the simple concept of moving from equilibrium to all forms of ones existence. Our life’s energy gets enforced as less energy is wasted on primitive nonfunctional organized structures that waste life’s potential.

Equilibrium is the state of ultimate disorder or greatest entropy. The further from equilibrium an organism (populations) is, the greater its organization and state of well-being. Everything that society (organized, or intelligent life) values, conforms to the criterion that that there is value in the move from equilibrium. Thus, as an organism (population) approaches equilibrium, its well-being declines. Our planet, its ecosystem, communities, families and clans all evolve by these principles.

This shows you that the same part which endows the elder gods for their recycle, we need that for life. In my opinion, magic energy is the oil of life and society, and the elder gods are its eventual friction. Therefore, prohibition of magic and life must end.
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Ms Toxicity said:
The title has been changed, as requested, Bullwhip.

Thanks a lot, Ms Toxicity. It allows for a more effectual interpretation of the less appreciated ramification of the incredible power of the Anima Mundi, connecting it with the concept of adaptability.

We see that there has been a progression in certain characteristics of life, as the planet has aged and essentially as the biosphere has developed into increasing complexity, meaning that more connections have been made and that everything is talking to everything at a higher level.

And we can really explain that with what has occured with humans, to the extent that we have developed the ability to manipulate our environment to keep us happy, providing us with the food, the minerals and other resources to make tools, using energy more efficiently as we progress.

Other races do this as well, in a more complicated fashion, and as a consequence we have changed our planet and of course that means that everything on the planet has to adapt to those changes, and hopefully we have not made the wrong kinds of changes that will prelude the possibility of maintaining an environment, giving us what we need, as well as providing a health biosphere.

What I am talking about of course is the loss of complexity that results from the loss of many races, so that the network of the flow of energy on life on the planet is dimished. And we are dependent on this network of flowing energy, that is what the ecosystem is. Anyway, what we have seen is this intrinsic phenomenon which is unavoidable that we have a constant continuity of flowing energy and transformation of it, but under certain rules.

So with this idea of adaptability, the Anima Mundi provides us energy in an efficient fashion, and requires that we regulate its survival. Obviously, if you look at humans, we do this all the time as we need the efficient use of energy, increasing the flow and complexity.
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I mean no offense here but, what have you told us that we don't already know?

All of these things you've pointed out, I've already really come to these conclusions. I'm genuinely confused here, are we just now thinking of these things?

I don't mean to be rude or say I'm better than you or anybody here but.. Idk I feel like you made this huge, well organized, well cited, well written thread for nothing.
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Sepulchre said:

Was kind of hoping to discuss what to tell the Elder Gods in general, before new related content comes out. But in case you already know, my bad then, honestly wasn't expecting peeps to be this informed about the subject.

I'm a returning player, so haven't been paying much attention to the forums the last few months, and I've only recently finished the endgame. Maybe something similiar got already posted, but was gonna do it anyway to delve a little deeper into what life really means.

Anyway, sorry for the long thread, goodbye.
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