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Megical Man said:
Sepulchre said:
Megical Man said:
Sepulchre said:
Adventurerrr said:
Brassica prime is a legit character, he is a cabbage made into a god.
Are you sure of this, World Guardian?
How do you know he wasn't a god made into a cabbage?

dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn

Brassica is actually Tumeken, you heard it here first.
Except the Kharid-ib is Tumeken.

Combine the Kharid-ib with Brassica, merge the body and mind and boom. You got Tumeken. Case closed, everybody go home now.
but hey, it's just a theory.
A Scape theory! Thanks for reading!

LOL, sorry.. I've always loved that outro.
World Guardian
must learn to find
in themselves.
Only then can they
themselves and forge their own

09-Jun-2016 06:19:29

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