Why is Oreb dark skinned?

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Kikizosan said:
"Dark skin pigmentation is a product of natural selection against folate depletion and DNA damage from UV-sun rays."

In the real world.

And on Teragard as well.

The previous discussions largely sum it up, it's due to the UV levels encountered. House Charron's ancestry goes back to a region where UV was relatively high, which encouraged the particular genetic traits Oreb now demonstrates.

An entire world of humans (and elves, and gnomes) will likely display quite a wide variation.

Whilst many Teragardians have now moved closer to the schism, they weren't always so reliant on it. But that's information for another Teragardian info dump, which feels like something to save for the future.

Hope this helps this discussion.

= Raven =

17-Aug-2017 13:42:42

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