Why is Oreb dark skinned?

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This thread is not mean't to be offensive in anyway, and it poses a serious question.

From a evolutionary, biological, and ecological perspective, Oreb's skin should not be dark. Oreb is the Magister of House Charron of Teragard. During One of a Kind, Teragard is described as being "a cold place, in both temperature and temperament". The planet is said to be a frigid tundra where people huddle around vents in the earth for warmth.

Dark skin pigmentation is a product of natural selection against folate depletion and DNA damage from UV-sun rays. The only way for humans to develop dark skin on a evolutionary perspective is if they were left to develop thousands of years on a hot or tropical environment. It's not something that occurs during one's lifetime.

Most humans on Gielinor, the Fremmenik especially, are said to hail from Teragard, while some colonized other worlds. Their skins are rather pale, compared to Oreb's. The only regions in game where we can find dark-skinned people is the Kharidian desert and Karamja, which makes sense (sort of) because it's a desert/tropical area that gets harsh sunlight. But these people have lived on Gielinor for centuries, while Oreb came to Gielinor...what? A few years ago? This makes no sense :O
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