The soul (spoilers)

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Speaking strictly on the sliske's countdown quest series, the soul plays a vital role in his plans. This is first seen in missing, presumed Death. Souls were unable to leave the body because Sliske kidnapped death. Next we get nomads elegy where nomad, who controls the soul obelisk, conquers a fortress of souls and successfully creates a god out of souls, is defeated and stolen away by sliske. Then we get to kindred spirits where we are witnessing the torture of souls, find sliskes notes about soul experimentation, and his plan to make our soul compatible to him. He then steals a piece of it. My theory is sliske needs to transplant a soul, possibly his masters, an needs help. The "key", which he refers to the WG as, will help him accomplish this. So our soul with nomads abilities will transplant something into a mahjarret. The mahjarret part coming from the drawings in sliskes lab.
Id like to see what everyone else thinks, expand on this theory and how it connects to the stone of jas, and the next quest fate of gods 2.
Is it possible that nomad is sliskes master? I mean we know hes powerful, he created a god. He came the closest to taking the stone during zammys heist and the soul theory definitely would involve him. Plus hes fooled us into believing he was dead before. Just a thought
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