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Extension Twist: Elfborne reveals that the slowness of lore content isn't his fault, and the MTX team begins to cackle maniacally. They sacrifice Elfborne to summon their true lord, The Investment Company That Must Not Be Named On The Forums (remember when naming a certain company was a forum infraction offense?). Together Lord TICTMNBNOTF and his MTX cult reveal their plot to make all future events and content in Runescape MTX. The player now gets a choice:

A) Get free spins and runecoins, at the cost of this quest results being a player poll. If the majority of players choose this option, it actually happens.

B) The player and remainder of the mods fight, and barely defeat, the MTX. However, Lord TICTMNBNOTF taunts the player, claiming it only exists to grant the Jagex's warped desire for money and players' warped desires for "free" XP and cosmetics. So long as such desires exist, MTX will never die.

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Crow Crimson
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Crow Crimson

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Wahisietel said:
Crow Crimson said:
While funny, I think a lot of these meta references will go over the heads of 50% of the playerbase. Or have all the casual players already quit?

Honestly, that's true of the original Gower Quest - there's a ton of lore community in-jokes that many people probably didn't get.

But there were also a lot of non-lore references, like the idea of dead content, sailing, outdated graphics, party hats, cabbages.....

But this thread is like 2/3 references to lore and the dev team.
I guess it doesn't really matter since we're just doing this for fun.

This is kinda off topic, but what happened to Araxxor in the original Gower Quest? According to dialogue and the wiki, he's supposed to be there, but I think he's gone.... Was there some kind of graphical glitch that forced him to be removed?
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Raleirosen said:
You probably need to have the Gowers involved if you want to make another Gower quest.

Yea, this was just a rough outline with some jokes I would like included. Other than a series of cutscenes for the boss confrontation I left basically the entire quest open to whatever the heck Jagex wants to do because British humor is amazing and American humor is more family guy ish along the lines of "Mod MMG should show up driving a phallic tank!"

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