Saradomin's secret is...

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Maybe he never wanted to be a god?
He was raised by the Teragardian church or whatever when he ascended.
THEY used him to bring order.
Eventually the church became everything he hated and saw they were fighting against in the first place.
So he had to take order.
So in the beginning, he was used. He was a puppet. And was forced to do things he didn't want.
When he made it to Guthix's homeworld, he had been carrying on a crusade to carry out "Order" for so long, he had lost what he too was fighting for in the first place. Him running away from Tuska and the Narangi taught him that.
In time, he found other worlds such as the Icyene who had the sort of order and structure he wanted, but didn't need to wage constant war to keep.
When he came to Gielinor, everything he encountered from his youth came back. He had to launch his crusades one more time for the sake of order.

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The Teragardian church worships Saradomin. At this point, it's kind of obvious that he created modern Teragardian culture, not the other way around. Runescape doesn't need a needs a villain. An all encompassing force of evil that will remain ever-threatening and use chaos to make the peoples of Gielinor tolerate each other, grow strong together, and fight side by side against this evil. I am that villain.

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