Why no Seren vs Sliske??

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Mod Raven said:
So the narrative reason, as mentioned here, is that she did actually fight, Zaros too. They were with you at the end and are the primary reason that Sliske didn't just kill you with a thought.

From a purely satisfaction point of view, it would have made for a far duller experience for the player if Seren had just murdered him immediately and leaving the player standing there as the spare wheel. The Sliske kill really needed to be the player's, not an NPC completely under our control. ;)

Besides, it had to be the player that killed Sliske, otherwise.....oh sorry, spoilers.

= Raven =

Oh Seren, What is Slisk...cough...Mod Raven planning now?
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20-Apr-2017 15:45:19

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Many people who hate him got no revenge. At least seren got some damage in. Unlike Azzy... He has a bigger reason to hate sliske now but got no opportunity to get revenge... not like he would care... actually, I think he wanted revenge. NO
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20-Apr-2017 17:44:46

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