What is the shrine above gwd?

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Hguoh said:
According to 'The Praesul,' Nex was imprisoned in her palace.

According to Ashuelot Reis, Saradominists lured Nex into icy caverns and then built a massive temple around her prison.

All things considered, I'm more inclined to believe Nex's personal musings over what sounds like Saradominist propaganda. As such, I'm led to believe that the temple of the GWD and, in fact most structures within the God Wars Dungeon are actually the remnants of Nex's Palace.

"How strange also to have spent so long trapped in a temple built unknowingly atop this place, held merely a score of places from my sanctum. But no matter. The rebellion and war are ancient history now, as recent as they still seems to me."

- The Praesul

Seems pretty clear that the temple we know as the GWD is Saradominist, while Nex's actual palace was the Angel of Death area deeper within the caverns.
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