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Raleirosen said:
saradomin is evil

Somehow managed to inform TC on the fundamental principle of everything lore related in a single sentence. Incredible.
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In the beginning, the universe was created by 5 Elder Goddesses, (in order of oldest of age: Jas, Wen, Ful, Bik, and Mah (there are rumors of a 6th Elder Goddess, but they are not of physical form for some reason.)) These Elder Goddesses shaped planets, the elements, and controlled space and time, but with all their power, they still needed to eat to gain energy. How do they get their food? They devour planets. Planets are like fruit to them. The Elders would "plant" countless planets across the universe, go to sleep on their most precious planet, and wake up eons later after their planet has ripened with nature and anima to devour it.

One of the Elder Goddesses, Mah, the youngest and most childish of the Elders, had the strange ability to create sentient life, capable of moving, walking, and perceiving emotion. Horrified by these abominations, her four other sisters sent one of their own, Wen, to corrupt and destroy her. They deprived her of planets to devour, and she now sits starved and comatosed on the dead planet Freneskae.

While Mah was left to rot on Freneskae, the other four Elders began their quest to spread out across the universe to build planets. They created artefacts, dubbed as Elder Artefacts, that held a portion of their immense cosmic powers to help them build planets more easier, but the artefacts were eventually discarded on random planets after they devised different methods to create planets.. After they were finished building planets, they all grouped up on their final and most precious planet, Gielinor, the world where the game takes place. All four Elders went to sleep sleep underground of Gielinor, sleeping for eons until Gielinor's lifeforce is ready to be harvested.

Mortal life eventually sprung on random worlds the Elders created, probably caused by Mah. These mortal lives found the Elders' artefacts and took in their immense power to ascend to godhood. War and conquest shaped the universe to what it is now today.
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What I wrote above was a very vague summary of the lore of the game's universe. You can watch this excellent cinematic video right here for more information.

Link to the video is here:

Also, the Runescape Wikia also has a useful (but vague) timeline with links embedded to detailed pages of information you can read.

Link is here:

If you are interested in learning about the Gods, you can go to the link below.

They are all listed in order of most powerful to least.
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@ Temekel

The Wikia fansite is not a reliable source for lore. Please don't direct players to it who aren't familiar with the lore.
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Lord Drakan
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First of all, welcome, lad.

It kind of depends what you want to do; dive into a number of storylines and discover what background they have on your own or go all-in for a spoilerific history of the world? If the latter, I'd recommend taking a look at the RuneScape Wiki's 'History' article. It's a bit outdated (missing lore from the last two or so years of quests) but still pretty accurate. Plenty of other pages filled with good descriptions of narrative and history elsewhere on the wiki, though that may not be as useful if you're new.

Honestly, I'd just start questing and exploring the game. Visit places like Varrock Museum, talk to people, etc. Also, if you have the time, read all the Lores and Histories, and Postbags from the Hedge.

Temekel's oration above concerns the creation of the universe, which is rather specific and not very relevant to most history in the game, so I would not recommend starting with that. For all intents and purposes, Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak created the universe until you uncover some more information in certain quests. :)
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My suggestion is do the quests, question every body without skipping the chat (space barring through quests is a great way to miss relevant information!). Read all the books. But most importantly remember Runescape does something that most seem to skip, any lore gained is typically from the tellers point of view, or the story source's point of view. So it can be wrong, a guess or distorted by their own beliefs. I'll give you an example.

There was once some NPC chat that said that Saradomin spared Zamorak, in a show of his great mercy, at the end of the Battle of Lumbridge. When in fact Moia had stepped in and whisked Zamorak away before Saradomin could land the killing blow. From the preacher's point of view he was telling the truth as he saw it, even if it was essentially a misunderstanding of events. It is this kind of attention to detail and NPCs not possibly knowing things they had no way of finding out or goes against what they personally believed happened that can keep things interesting. Even if this particular example has been sneakily replaced since :P

But even that can be put down to the NPC gaining a better understanding of what actually happened years later, they just make no reference to them being an over enthusiastic moron at the time. ;)

So start the quests and talk to NPCs and also remember that you enter Gielinor technically in the 6th Age (The World Awakens starts it officially) and that all the quests that come before that are supposed to be flashbacks to the 5th Age(the vast majority of quests take place then) with a sprinkling of other quests that can be done at any time.

If you want to do things roughly in order of 5th to 6th Age then List of Fifth Age quests Quick find code: 341-342-459-65128112 may help achieve that. Otherwise just have fun :)
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