Are elves free to choose?

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I have read much on the elves of Gielnor and Runescape but that leaves me with a question;

Are elves free to choose who they worship? Are they free to travel from Tirannwn to pursue their own goals? Just curious, since I read that the elves die out of presence of Seren but she shattered herself so does that mean they need to carry a crystal with them where-ever they go?

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They do need to carry crystals, yes. They don't necessarily die -- but they do succumb to "The Sickness", essentially an extreme heartache with overwhelming physical and psychological effects. They depend on Seren's love, and can barely live without it.

It often is fatal, but some (Angof from The Light Within, for instance) manage to endure without Seren's crystal. Not easily, though.

Of course, that doesn't stop individual elves turning away from Seren. They're compelled to love her by her aura and by Seren binding her life force to them, but Angof's extremely resentful of what Seren's done to them despite that. And there's nothing to say an individual elf couldn't choose to follow a different god, or no god. I'm pretty sure there's no restriction on elves leaving Prifddinas and exploring the world, either.

IMO, a Godless elf would be a very interesting concept to explore.
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Elves are free to chose who they worship or not. They are, however, compelled to love and be near Seren or an object containing Serenís energy. And while there is some indication that the elves can be weened off the need to be in Serenís vicinity, their love for her seems to persist with little to no observed change in strength. Given the Gielinorian elvesí tendency to carry and use the remains of Serenís first body as tools, itís also unclear how much the need for proximity to Seren is still in play (Helwyrís group suggests it is still quite potent).

As such, the closest we can expect to get to an entirely Seren independent elf is Angof and any shapeshifters she can ween off crystal fragments. We could see an elf or elves who donít follow Seren on Gielinor, but said elves would need to carry around Serenís crystals and would find it incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to intentionally oppose Seren due to their compulsory love for her (even Angof wants Seren back despite her people being left to suffer and die).

First though, youíd need to give Gielinorian elves a reason to doubt Serenís attempts to help. Weíve opened up one channel for this when we met Angof in The Light Within, but the clan heads didnít seem to find this too convincing. Perhaps if Zamorak tells them what Seren did to the Mahjarrat? Even then, I feel theyíd be more willing to take Serenís side on events.

In that case, weíd need an elf whose love for Seren manifests not as a hopeless devotion to her, but as an opposition to the aspects of Serenís personality and nature (love aura, binding the elves to her, etc...) that make relationships with her unhealthy. Somebody who wants to work through and fix the more troubling aspects of Serenís past and personality rather than just accept or reject them wholesale.

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In theory they are free to choose. In practice they are forcibly compelled to love Seren just as Zarosians are forcibly compelled to feel loyalty to Zaros. Even if they hate her, they must love her. And while it's technically possible to survive without her, they become so dependent that she's practically a drug to them and nearly all of those who who went without her became mindless monsters because they just couldn't take it. Runescape doesn't need a needs a villain. An all encompassing force of evil that will remain ever-threatening and use chaos to make the peoples of Gielinor tolerate each other, grow strong together, and fight side by side against this evil. I am that villain.

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Elves are free to choose, but no matter what, they are forced to love Seren, so a Elf who is a Godless is possible, but their love for Seren would sort of mix the belief of Godless and Seren together. The crystal needing as stated above, I recall in a old Q&A, that the elves on Gielinor are no longer needing to have the crystals with this if they are away from their land, but would be unaware, (or it was that they needed it, but the effect wouldn't be as bad as the shapeshifters.)

Over all, they are forced to love seren, they can hate her, but they will still love her.
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I'm attempting a rebuild of in game W41 RP. You caught my attention and so I wish to extend an olive branch to recruit you. Anyone is free to join but if I seek you out it means I see a lot of potential.

Let me know how I may contact you Erumiel.

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