The Player's Humanity

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Despite only being on Gielinor for a short time, the Player Character (PC for short) is easily its biggest enigma. On a world home to the most powerful beings in the universe, including the creators of the universe itself, it’s a single human that draws the eyes and questions of both characters within the world and players alike.

At face value this doesn’t seem all that strange. With the World Guardian position and powers bestowed upon the PC by Guthix, it’s understandable that they have so much involvement in the major events of the world.

But looking further into the topic clear evidence beings to emerge that there is more going on, that the amazing feats the PC accomplishes might not be contributed to simple hard work and a god’s dying gift. Instead, it seems that the PC themselves isn’t as human as is believed, potentially being another race entirely.

In this thread, I will be attempting to provide evidence to prove that the PC isn’t human. I’ll attempt to be as objective as possible, but keep in mind I’m trying to prove one theory, so some bias is expected. This will include going over what we know about the PC, and potential theories about their actual origins. Now that’s over, lets being.

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The Players Past

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the PC is their past, specifically their childhood and teen years. There is limited information on the subject, which has all been compiled in a wonderful thread by Aquamancer, which I recommend you read (QFC: 341-342-70-65088936). For the sake of this thread, I will go over the basics here:

• The PC was born in the Fifth Age, though the exact location is unknown. Potential locations include Lumbridge and Varrock.

• Unlike what some people think, the PC wasn’t an orphan. In fact, they had a wide variety of family including both parents, a brother, grandmother, aunt and uncle.

• Their family was not of noble birth or of any kind of importance. Instead, they grew up poor.

• The PC begins their adventuring career as a young adult in year 169 of the Fifth Age when they are approached by a former adventurer outside their Ashdale home.

So far, there is nothing to hint that the player is another but human. However, it also important to note there is nothing here that entirely disproves the PC isn’t human theory. It is the limited information that we have on the PC’s past that for the moment, leaves open the possibility of the non-human PC theory being true.

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What the PC can’t be

Normally I’m not someone to crush people’s dreams, however for the sake of this thread I must do so. Before I can properly establish what the PC could be, I must also establish what they can’t be. In this instance, there are two types of beings they PC couldn’t be

1. A God – I know that quite a few players have hoped that the PC would one day ascend to godhood, but sadly that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Thanks to the World Guardian powers bestowed to them by Guthix, the PC never become a god. This is backed up by Mod Osbourne who said this during a livestream: “The player is the World Guardian, given powers by Guthix to nullify the magic of gods. That means the player is the only one on the world who could not be a god”.

2. A Mahjarrat – Again, while many people really like the Mahjarrat, it’s unlikely the PC is one. This can be easily proven by Mahjarrat lacking souls, or at least a traditional soul found in most other creatures. Those with a traditional soul, such as the PC can go to an afterlife when they die, the Mahjarrat cannot.

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The mostly mundane humans of Runescape

When compared to other races found on Gielinor, humans are rather mundane. They don’t have beautiful wings like the Icycene, the longevity of the elves or the downright awesomeness of the Aviansie. Instead they’re for the most part just like you, me or any other human on Earth.

Of course, there are some differences, with the biggest being the ability to use magic. Unlike other races on Gielinor, most humans cannot use magic without the use of tools such as a staff or some runes. The only exceptions to this rule are members of the MoonClan.
According to the MoonClan Manual, it was the God V, who discovered the Stone of Jas (SOJ) that first allowed them to begin using magic. “As we all know, from tales told to use in the Secret Tongue, ‘magic’ was first discovered in these lands by V when he accidentally stumbled upon the Stone of Jas.”

V lost the stone soon after he found it, and after searching for it without success he returned to the place he discovered it and found rune essence.

“…but he did discover something of great importance in the caves where first he found the stone; the very rocks that had surrounded it has been subtly changed by its presence. The rocks in their contact with the Stone of Jas had gained a yearning to be something they were not, and V discovered that by focusing though upon them he could transform them entirely for short periods of time into the very elements of the universe”.

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V’s discoveries would eventually lead to the creation of the runecrafting temples (the remnants of which are the runecrafting altars found throughout Gielinor) by the MoonClan and their banishment to Lunar Isle by their Fremennik brethren due to their use of magic.

This didn’t stop the MoonClan from practising magic and in the Sixth age, the clan are the only known humans who can use magic without any tool, which you can see when you visit them.

Its important to note that the MoonClan aren’t the only humans with impressive powers and abilities. Human slayer masters such as Kuradel have been shown to be quite powerful, and able to go against monsters that many others simply couldn’t. The signature heroes are another example of powerful humans, with each member of the group facing strong foes and/or being exceptional skillers.

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Hints that he PC is Something More:

Surprisingly, the first hint that the PC isn’t human appears at the very start of their adventuring career. It occurs on Ashdale, when the PC is approached by Gudrik Halbaddon, an ex-adventurer who meets them outside their home where the following dialogue ensues:

Gudrik: “I need to talk to you about something very important, laddie/lassie.”
PC: “What’s the matter?”
G: “I had a dream – a vision! The world was on fire. All of Gielinor was consumed in flames! When I awoke, I know I had to come and get you. You’re special, laddie/lassie. You’ve always been special. You have talents and abilities beyond those of ordinary folk.”

This dialogue shows us two things. Firstly, that the PC has been prophesied to save Gielinor from destruction, which is a trend we see throughout their time adventuring. For example, during the Fremennik quest line, the PC uncovers five stone tablets that detail how they will save the world by defeating the dagannoth threat.

“All-consuming darkness will rise from the sea, unleashed by Good Intent.
The lost Mother is dead, her Daughter risen in her place.
Wits and Skills will bring Light; fate does not dictate.
When the tide if strongest, Good Intent will be needed once more.
And his/her name is will (Fremennik Name)."

While the prophecies clearly don’t indicate that the PC isn’t human, it does show that they have always been destined for greatness, and that their existence is tied with the fate of Gielinor and those who live there.

More importantly, the dialogue also reveals the unexplainable strength that the PC exhibits even at their weakest point. When this conversation takes place, the PC has no notable skills or items, they are the same as every other level three human across Gielinor. Yet despite this, they are exhibiting talents and abilities that are noticeably different from others for yet unknown reasons.

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(CONT) This unexplainable power could be contributed to a non-human part of the PC.

Its sometime into the PC’s adventuring career before another hint appears. In this instance, it occurs after the Fate of the Gods quest in post-quest dialogue with Azzanadra who says the following:

Azzanadra: “Back at the height of the empire, had someone told me that Zaros would be banished from this world, I would not have believed it. After his banishment, had someone told me that a mere human would be the one to return him, I would have laughed. These things have taught me humility, a trait others of my kind lack. But I’m not entirely sure you are human anymore. No, you are something else now. I am glad you are on our side.”

At this point its important to note three things:

1. Azzanadra has been alive for a very long time and held one of the highest positions of power within the Zarosian Empire. As part of his duties, he would’ve met many powerful humans, such as Pernix and Torva. This knowledge and experience means he would know the different between a powerful human and a non-human.

2. Unlike other of his kind, Azzanadra is not known to lie, so him lying about the PC not being human is unlikely. Of course, given his absolute devotion to Zaros, he would lie if god wanted/needed him to, but there is no proof this is the case.

3. Azzanadra specifically states that the PC is no longer human. This obviously implies that at some point the PC changed in someway to become something else. What the PC is or why they changed aren’t mentioned and given the wide variety of events they have participated in, it’s difficult to say what caused this change.

Given these points, its fair to say that this dialogue from Azzanadra is coming from a trustworthy source (at least at the time is was said) who can correctly judge whether the PC is human. Therefore, we have to give some weight to what he says.

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The final hint comes from the latest Pirates quest, Pieces of Hate. While the PC traverses the sea floor near the Cursed Archipelago, they encounter the freakiest “kitten” on the entirety of Gielinor. It’s not currently clear exactly what the “kitten” is, though it’s clear its associated with Xau-Tak and may be the god in disguise.

You can speak with the “kitten” multiple times during your journey, with one of the conversations containing this dialogue:

PC: “You’re not really a kitten, are you?”
Kitten: “I am not. But you’re not really a human either. Neither of these things matter. Do you really think you can save them?”

We don’t know much about Xau-Tak, and what we do is both ominous and mysterious. We do know that he has an interest in both Gielinor and the PC and has known about the PC thousands of years before they were born (Wahistietel’s awesome thread on Xau-Tak goes into more depth about this, so if your interested you can find it here: 341-342-37-65701262).

Because we know so little about Xau-Tak, we can’t say for sure how trustworthy this dialogue is. Perhaps its lying for reasons unknown, or maybe its is telling the truth, we simply can’t say for sure.

It is interesting however, that this dialogue takes place in a Fifth Age quest, a time when the PC didn’t have their World Guardian powers. Therefore, if Xau-Tak is telling the truth, it would mean that the PC was either never human or was changed before they met Guthix.

So, what are we then?

The truth is it is impossible to say. There are hints found that the PC isn’t human, however these are both few and far between and in some cases, from untrustworthy sources. This lack of solid information means any number of theories could be true. Perhaps the PC is simply a powerful human, with those saying otherwise either lying or falsely identifying what the PC truly is. Maybe they aren’t human, and this will slowly be revealed through any number of upcoming quests.

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For now, all we can do is speculate, and try to find a solid answer among the many threads found throughout our time playing. For me, this speculation has led to three possible theories.

We’re just a powerful human.

This is a simple as it sounds. Despite hints to the contrary the PC is just a human, running around fulfilling their dream of becoming an adventurer, gaining new skills and abilities along the way that to some, may make them seem like they’re something they’re not.


During the quest While Guthix Sleeps, the PC comes across the Balance Elemental (BE), who was a creature tasked with guarding the SOJ by Guthix.

During the PC’s battle with the BE, it says this:

“Do you know what, PC? I've really missed you. It's been such a long time, and your funeral was just such a lovely event. And what was it you used to say to me? Oh, I remember it well, since it was like yesterday. Ah, well, I guess you know better than anyone that the good die young!”

''The bloom of youth only lasts so long. What can any of us aspire to but a glorious death, and yours was glorious. Oh, and the other day someone else was talking about how much they missed you. How you used to light the place up with your laughter, but it's all gone now. But you know that better than any of us!''

''But of course, it's always nice to talk, though, and 'manners maketh the man', is what you always told me.''

From this dialogue, it appears that the BE knew the PC in a past life, going so far as to attend their funeral. This insinuates that the PC has been reincarnated, although it is never mentioned who or what would’ve done so. The most likely candidate would be Guthix, however there is no mention of this possibility from either the god himself when he lived, or from his memories.

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There are problems with this theory, mainly stemming from what the Balance Elemental is.

The Balance Elemental was created by Guthix after the Edicts were put in place to protect the SOJ. To create it, he had to combine four of his druids, and the first World Guard, Aeternam, the process of which is described by Guthix in the Balance Elemental echo.

Guthix: “…You four shall maintain the balance. You will be my final guardian of this age. Rief, wielder of the everlasting flame. You shall be the spark of life that burns evermore and temper the frozen heart of the eternal one. Thera, druidess of the glade. You carry nature's spirit within you; one with the soil, ever-growing, altering and nurturing. You endure through the cycle of seasons, blossoming in the light, regressing in winter's chill. As I return to the earth, you shall burrow deep and we shall be as one. Ria, lady of the heavens and wielder of lightning. You shall grant my creation the breath of life and freedom of movement. Day trades with night across your infinite sky, ever-progressing into the next cycle, like sand through the hour glass. Atrew the aquamancer. You quench Rief's destructive impulses, and Thera would wither without your nourishment. Your tide washes away the detritus of complacency. The one outside of time freezes the ferocity of your great ocean, lest we drown in your life-giving water. Finally, Aeternam - the eternal one. She who lives outside of time. You were with me at this journey's beginning. You have borne the power of the World Guardian through the ages and been witness to a future that even I shall not live to see. You witnessed even the demise of your successor. With each turn of the Great Wheel, you have been and shall be there, a frozen witness sharded across time. I ask you now to return to me that power, that you may find your final rest. Druids of the elements, I fuse you now into one being…”

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Since it appears the BE has control over time thanks to Aeternam, it’s possible its speaking of a future event involving the PC’s death or is simply able to view one of many possible futures. It could even be speaking of Aeternam, mistaking the second World Guardian for the first. Regardless, its clear that the BE isn’t the most trustworthy source of information, making this theory uncertain.

An unknown relationship with Xau-Tak

As stated earlier, we know little about Xau-Tak although it’s clear that for whatever reason that it has an interest in the PC. Of course, this interest could easily be due to the PC and Xau-Tak having opposing goals. The PC wants to protect Gielinor and its denizens and has the power to do it and Xau-Tak to put it simply, does not and must defeat the player to complete its plans.

However, this interest could be for a different reason. We know that Xau-Tak has predicted the PC’s arrival thousands of years before their birth, shown in a diary’s of Sliske’s called Death at Sea, which the PC discovered during Kindred Spirits. In the diary, Sliske is investigating the fate of a Zaroisan ship that disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Throughout Sliske’s journey, it becomes clear that Xau-Tak is responsible for the ships disappearance, with the surviving crew being scarred by their encounter and more importantly, seemingly under the gods control. This control is shown when a former member of the crew being held in an asylum says this:

“Do you really think you can save them, Player? You can’t. The spiral of time leads only to the gaping maw of eternity. And this is Xau-Tak.”

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This raises quite a few questions, the most important being, why would Xau-Tak have the man say that. It would be thousands of years before the PC would be born, and it seems like a longshot for it to assume that the PC would happen to come across and read this diary. One possibility is that Xau-Tak can see into the future, and knowing the PC would read the diary, had his puppet say what they did. Another is that Xau-Tak already knew the PC and was attempting to contact them through his puppets.

We know very little about the PC’s past, so it could very well be possible that in the past they knew Xau-Tak somehow, and for whatever reason the PC has forgotten. Furthermore, it has already been established that time travel is possible, so perhaps the PC somehow knew Xau-Tak thousands of years ago, and through unknown events ended up in the Fifth Age with no memory of their past.

This could be supported by the lack of action Xau-Tak takes to stop the PC. Despite potentially being a threat to Xau-Tak, the god has taken very few steps to actively stop the PC. In fact, it has seemingly dedicated much of its time hinting about its existence and taunting the PC, rather than outright trying to harm them. However, there have been attempts by the god to harm the PC, so maybe this is all part of its plan.

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Of course, all of the above is just speculation, but at the very least it clear that Xau-Tak is using the PC as a pawn in its plans, as is shown by this dialogue in Pieces of Hate:

Player: “What is going on here? How did I get here?”
Kitten: “Something led you here. Pulled your strings and made you follow.”
P: “Rabid Jack”
K: “That is but the name of one of the strings.”

A Short and Sweet Conclusion (also a TL;DR)

There is some evidence that the PC isn’t human. This evidence is found in dialogue with characters encountered during their adventures. While this dialogue cannot always be totally trusted, due mostly to the untrustworthy nature of characters themselves, it is interesting and an important point to consider about the PC when looking into who/what they are canonically.

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Deltaslug said:
As much ad i hate to say this to a lore thread, you might want to pull out any comments based off the Ashdale Tutorial.
The jmods are seriously looking at pulling it with a return to the older Tutorial island...

...Perhaps your pc is an orphan that grew up with others that were "like family"
Or pergaps the player character is psycho and imagined that past as a justification to become the greatest serial killer and thief in history, all to the tune of "saving the day" (given the quest story lines, i kinda

I've cut down what you've said for space sake, but I will be replying to all of your points.

Regarding the use of dialogue from Ashdale, I didn't see anything regarding the Lore QA and them not being involved. I may have missed it, so please let me know the source so I can add it to what I've said. Regardless, I think its fair to say so long as it remains in the game, it can be considered canon. If Ashdale is removed, I will remove that point. Also, the point is rather weak when compared to other dialogue I found, it can be summed up as "The PC is special".

Your second point about the PC's past is 100% correct. Jagex have been leaving things vague to make sure people can build their own backstories. That is among other things such as limited evidence, why this is just a theory. The vagueness of the PC's past make it impossible to really say who they are outside of theory and what little is said in dialogue, at least in my opinion.

Finally, you could be correct, maybe the PC is a liar and made up all the facts we know about their past. Again, we simply don't know. However, we currently don't know a reason why the PC would lie, so its fair to say we can take what they've said with a grain of salt.

01-May-2018 12:19:33

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Cthris said:
Most people don't have prophecies written about them long before they were born..."human dna" then it simply becomes a matter of asking the jmod if the pc has human dna.

I've cut down what you've said for space, but I will be responding to all of it.

I understand what you're saying but I think that you're over-complicating something that is simple. Defining a human in this context is as you say, necessary to come to a conclusion regarding the theory, but also easy to do. Humans in Runescape are obviously based on IRL humans, so its fair to say that for the most part both have the same build.

We can see this relation quite easily on a physical levels. Both RS and IRL humans have two eyes, ears, etc. At a deeper level, like DNA we simply don't know enough about RS humans to establish anything other then that they are again likely the same. We would need to ask the J-Mods about this, but I doubt they'd have any revelations.

There is one genetic difference between IRL and RS humans that I could find. The MoonClan have developed their magic use over consecutive generations, and as a result are the only humans who can use magic without a tool. Therefore, they obviously have a different genetic mutation when compared to other RS humans, but not enough to consider them not human.

You've also said that the word human doesn't have a universal meaning. While I could find debate about the world, it was more from a spiritual/philosophical perspective. There is no debate on what a human is in a physical or biological sense, and since that's how I've been looking at humans for this theory, I don't think those debates matter.

Lastly, I don't think I will ever come to a solid conclusion. There is simply too little evidence and I doubt Jagex want to impose on peoples backstories. I do think it worth consideration though as there is some evidence.

02-May-2018 05:56:49

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Vlad Bron said:
I get the idea Egg's context implies "human DNA." "Featherless biped" would also include demons, mahjarrat, vyre, elves, etc.

For the reincarnation theory, the first couple people I'd suspect capable and most likely would be Death and Icthlarin.

The idea of being something other than human reminds me of Safalaan. How long did he go thinking he was human? Is that sort of the same idea? Is it more something like starting out human and changing over time?

Its possible the PC is like Safalaan and simply doesn't know they aren't entirely human. However, based on evidence (the Azzy quote specifically) it seems we changed over time. However both are possible, and I'd like to include your point about Safalaan somewhere in my OP (you will receive full credit of course). Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Cthris said:
I only gave...with yours.

I have a feeling that this discussion is a case of us agreeing to disagree, and for the sake of not turning this thread into one massive debate, I won't be replying to you regarding this again. I mean no disrespect with this, and I do greatly appreciate you contribution to the discussion. Thank you for participating.

I haven't defined what a human is because I don't think there is a reason to. That's because when I say human I believe its implied that I mean humans like you or me, as RS humans are the same as IRL humans. So when I say I'm trying to prove the PC isn't human I mean like what Vlad Bron said, if DNA testing appeared on Gielinor and the PC went to get tested, would their DNA be 100% human . I get that there may be debates happening IRL about certain aspects of what a human is, but those don't matter here and just make things needlessly complicated.

Also, I would like to retract the point I made about MoonClan genetics. We don't know how they use magic without a tool, genetics is only one possibility.

02-May-2018 08:41:36

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