Bankers on STRIKE

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I was in Yanille bank earlier and realised that our bankers across Gielinor work really hard without rest to look after our beloved items but are treated horribly.

This maybe a very bottom of the barrel idea but I think the bankers deserve a decent work environment. I would love to see an update in which bankers go on a lunch break or perhaps even switch shifts with another worker. If this is too extreme then maybe even an update where they can walk around in their confined space occasionally. Or perhaps an event/quest where tellers go on strike.

Not sure how any of this would work but i'm sure he JAGEX team could think of something awesome :).

All jokes aside, would love to see an update where the bankers receive a little love. <3

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I guess that central bank of Runescape is being payed by rulers of land (kings, mayors, racial rulers etc.) or Saradomin (through his ''fiefs'' responsible for minting currency) so that's where we should direct our demands on the work of bank. Unless they are private enterpreteurs/purely independent private company, in which case they can just stop doing their job and get better one.

Of course, bank themed quest would be nice to see anyway :)

Long live the banks!

25-Jun-2019 13:35:31

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