Heil Pharaoh!!

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Posted in a Public place and transcribed here by yours truly,

Heil Pharoaoh!

A call to all Menaphites!

So apparently our gracious Master, the pharaoh of Menaphos is a ripe book burner! He sits on his golden throne laden with treasures while his people scrounge for a bone to gnaw. He grows warm from the fire fueled by the histories and tales of our ancestors, tomes that once lined the shelves, nooks, and tables of our once-Grand Library! (once the envy of all Gielenor!)

It is whispered that he makes unnatural pacts with the followers of the foul Amascut who wishes to pilfer the homes of our deceased ancestors; this in order to increase his own wealth.

Word has even reached us that our dear brethren in Sophanem are suffered from a foul plague and that we may not deliver aid! Refusing to allow us to even verify the veracity of such a damning claim!

If a worker rises out of his place, he leaves his Majesty's audience with fewer limbs than before. If a man is found with the smallest morsel which was not his own, he is berated and beaten by the militaristic police that Pharaoh employs and trains against their own people!

The ships which once harbored in our great port are fewer now, yet somehow the only coffers which fail to dry up be those of Pharaoh himself!

We must rise up! We must dethrone this charlatan and his armed desert gestapo! It is time for those of us who call the desert home to retake the Golden City! We must reclaim the Throne for Tumeken's Chosen, so that the favor of his light shall once again shine upon us! It is no wonder that such dark times have plagued our door!

This need not be our end! Nay, the desert folk are hardy and long-lived! Our cities have lasted ages before this villain's rise, and shall remain long after he is reduced to a husk! May the fire of Tumeken burn this cancer from our lands, so the Great Elid may once again salve our wounds! May the Devourer find us not willing to lose our souls to her foul play!

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Our Master has taken our children and siblings to the dark places beneath the earth, and we shall be hardfelt [sic] to ever see of them again! They are surely sacrificed for the dark machinations of the foul Amascut! (may the cats feed on her entrails!) No true Chosen of Tumeken would dare betray the children of the Sun!

Nay, but may we be prepared for the glorious day when a true Pharaoh might return to our fair Menaphos! May we ever be vigilant towards those who threaten us, but even more so to they who would threaten us from within! May these foul beasts employed by the Master to run our city be eaten by locusts! May the false rulers be driven so far out that Lord Scabaras be unaware of the paths they take!

I take no credit for this newcommer [sic], Jack of Spades indeed! but if he be willing to take from those who have grown fat off of our future, then he be no enemy of ours! Nay! Instead I would advise all to turn a blind eye should they happen to see Him! Knowing not his face, I would say he surely be a true son of Menaphos! Drink friends, to his continued fortune, and forget his movements when threatened by the guards!

As for you my brethren! Stay yourselves! Continue your lives, hide your coffers, and have something aside for a pinch! We will need our wits about us to continue in our homeland!

Make no outward sign, but keep your daggers under your cloak! Stir not the pot, yet should the gods deem you worthy to perish for our task's sake, take as many of them with you as you are able and be glad! For Lord Icthlarin will guide you and I to better shores, leaving them to the Devourer they seem so quick to serve! Shemu is nigh upon us all, and it will not pass unnoticed and without hunger pangs!

May the Children of the Sun continue! May the Folk of the Elid stay forever strong! May Menaphos stand tall above her enemies! And may Tumeken return to us soon!

Your Most Humble Servant!
*The Hourglass runs fresh*

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