RS Afterlife?

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I also despise Necrovarus' notes, but not because i'm a Saradominist or anything.

Anyway Icthlarin goes into detail about some of the afterlives he knows of in Nomad's elegy. They are shaped by the beliefs of the souls within them, so there are indeed different afterlives for the followers of different gods.

Off the top of my head Saradominists go to a place that's essentially Heaven, Zamorakians go to a place where they fight to be the strongest and take a throne, but there are infinite thrones all the way up, Serenists join in some sort of harmonious song, Guthixians and Godless go to Limbo, Bandosians go to a place of eternal warfare, Armadyleans lose their individuality in some eternal community (from what I can remember), and he doesn't know where Zarosians go.
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