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ZAmorakZaros said:
What about the zamorakian Azzanadra AKA Bilrach "Bill". Zilrach is a great ship.

You have won me round to this based on the ship name alone.

ZAmorakZaros said:
Enakhra was more like a case of "Going to your room and not looking at the clock for millennia and forgetting dinnertime". It is common for me.

Hah! Yeah, I getcha on that -- time passes so quickly when you're spending some quality time in a temple with your archnemesis...

ZAmorakZaros said:
Souls and lungs. Do mahjarrat even have them? My opinion? Souls, yes, lungs, no. Their internal organs (if they exist) keep rotting between rituals, so I do not think they have nor need them.

Well, that means Nex has to try another seduction tactic! Filling the general region of Enakhra's torso with blood? Yeah, that works! Pure romance, right there.
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16-Mar-2017 09:57:55

Maiden China

Maiden China

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Questcaping said:
As for Akthanakos and Enakhra... I guess if her backstabbing him to imprison him in a temple counts as romance... or ardently insisting that he be sacrificed at the next Ritual...

'oh no, an adventurer's coming... quick, turn me into a boneguard and make up a backstory'

and she knew the mahjarrat wouldn't want akthanakos gone. They'd want someone a tad more important or annoying gone... and akthanakos also recommends her, and obviously the mahjarrat ont go for that either, she's the only female
that's the mahjarrat version of pulling a girl's hair because you like her and want her to notice you

16-Mar-2017 23:13:32

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