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They armour doesn't have any connection to a god, but gods don't have to be involved with prayer (though you're right, of course, that most armour with prayer bonuses is god related). Remember, the Ilujanka believed in the force Olun'Dai, and they might have tried to express their relationship with it through their clothing.

It also seems to be like the Anima Mundi (probably their interpretation of it), which seems to be connected to the Afterlife, which IS connected to prayer.

EDIT: I don't think there's really any inherent physical power in equipment with "prayer points". It's more likely they just have symbolic value. Armour with a religious or spiritual connection simply strengthens the wearers faith. There's not some mystical energy from Saradomin in Monk Robes for example. The only power they hold is the good ol' fashioned power of belief.

- I also think Necrovarus' notes just straight out explaining how prayer really works was a bit forced. Nothing against the explanation, but the way it was handled could have been done better.
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