The Generals affect the Heart?

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Well, we all know the gwd2 generals, but when I was with them in a instance I noticed how each of their boss room was styled after them, along with their section of the dungeon. That might be natural, but what if the gwd2 generals can somehow affect the heart from their boss room? This would explain why telos drops the seren bow, sliskes staff and zaros sword and reprisal.

Further things: The anima core body might be something originally from the heart and the crests are able to change their whole appearance.
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So the drops, of telos and those anima core I believe are not canon, but if they are this is what I assume:

The bow, sword, and staff were items made by those outside the heart (not the gods) And on their way to deliver them, they some how (fight, ambush, anything) fell into Telos' lair. The Generals effect from their location is only for their location via portal and environmental decoration.
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I'm pretty sure the Telos drops are proobaably noncanon. If you want an explanation for them to be canon, though, then they probably exist, just aren't items dropped or guarded by Telos or anything.
The Godsword has lore as is, and then they suddenly made a new one for Zaros as well as a god-bow with no explanation - that's why I think it's noncanon.
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