Fate of the Gods 2

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*Yawn* Jagex said that Zaros is going to be there till the end of the sixth age due to his important to all 3 pillars. No god is gonna be Hazeeled during the endgame. Jagex is acting like you'll be able to make all these ultimate choices of who lives and who dies, but the only way a god will die is if they kill them for everyone. They can't be writing whole quests in the next few years around gods who you killed off.

They're hyping up the whole "If you let Zaros live during the endgame!" but that's a fib.
"Your god's dead next time he's in a world event. "
-The Lore Community to our Saradominist Friends, Said During World Event 2, Proven During World Event 3.

18-Sep-2016 00:56:16

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