Is it really "Magic?"

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In this way, Ariane is right that magic comes from the Anima, though not directly. Wen*ra is correct in saying that Runestones emulate the power of the Elders, by allowing us to control the anima inside of us. Zaros is right that magic comes from within, because the anima DOES come from within.
The reason why beings who have absorbed divine energy are able to manipulate the anima without runes is fairly simple, despite my thought process. Anima is a result of divine energy, in essence, divine energy is used by the Elders to create anima. They're basically two forms of the same thing (hence why the anima is referred to as the power of the Elders by Wen*ra). Because of this, beings with high amounts of divine energy are almost at one with anima itself. The more they use it, the more they understand it. It's gotten to the point where (much like the Moonclan) they've come to understand anima so well, that they can control it without a focused conduit.

TLDR: Elder god (or divine) energy = anima = magic. Magic comes from inside us, and runestones help us focus "magic." People with long-time exposure to divine energy have so much understanding of it that they don't need runes.
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