Korasi's sword

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Sodden Hound said:
Geeze, I'm actually really thankful for you posting this - I've been really interested in metal-magic interactions for a while now and this gives a little bit more insight into that with adamant being easier to enchant than mithril, and magically-reinforcing mithril being a thing that exists. The disrupting crystal part is neat info too -- question though, what exactly does it disrupt? Magic in general, or is it just law-based magic (the portals) that it disrupts? Do we know?

I don't think we know the specifics, but judging by the name it's an explanation for the sword's special attack of the same name. It at least seems capable of disrupting some of the Pest queens attacks going by The Void Stares Back.

Since Korasi says her sword's enchanted with "magics to combat the void", I'd wager whatever they "disrupt" is related to the void specifically and not other forms of magic (wait do the void actually use magic or is it more of a sci-fi alien powers thing? I suppose it doesn't make a difference). Although being all lightning-y it probably still hurts.
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