Tumeken alive or dead?

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Wahisietel said:
Hguoh said:
Elf of Seren said:
Given that Tumeken and Amascut were not present during Endgame, or any major events of the 6th age, I feel like we're gonna attempt a resurrection like Seren, but Tumeken and Amascut are funta die during the Finale. Elidinis might survive, and go into Mourning with the aspects, or something.

At the very least, Amascut survives into the 6th age. Icthlarin hopes we might yet save her in MPD, and Amascut appeared in the 2015 Halloween event, Gauntlet of Souls (the event specifically refers to souls leaking out of Tuska's corpse).

Yeah but we don't talk about that event...

@Wahi, you're the only person that I've seen vocalize about hating it.

@Hguog, I know. I imagined that the finale would take place at some point during the 6th age, but I guess we'll see

04-Jul-2017 13:59:05

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