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Not currently playing, so I haven't engaged with this lore, but I'm curious - have they linked this 'Ocularis' with Seeker Synapse in the Wushankos? Perhaps Ocularis has been here before. That gives me a funny idea - aren't Faruq's wares supposed to come from the east? Maybe the Orb of Oculus is actually some eldritch artefact of another world!

Anyways, I'd love to see another event, but I'm not so sure about having everyone on the same side. Jagex has no way of realistically balancing it before the event's begun and they've seen how players engage, and any overadjustment will just end up making the results feel cheap and moot. I actually thought the way WE2 did it was particularly clever, putting players in a 'support' role to NPCs who were the primary 'point collectors' for the event - though that was somewhat undercut by the poorly-implemented morale system and, uh, pitting the 2nd most popular faction against the one in dead last.

I'd actually like to see something slightly more grounded (which is a trite desire for a fantasy game like RS, but w/e). Fremennik were stirred up into the RC crusades just cos wizards on the other side of the continent were producing runes that they thought were the sole purview of gods. Now we're literally draining the remains of Guthix and using it to make pogosticks, and we're supposed to believe they're cool with it?

The dumb idea I've had - Divination crusades. Spurred by some unseen firebrand, Fremennik are attempting to destroy div rifts across the world. Each god faction splits into two camps - the pragmatists, who've already seen divine energy's vast destructive potential, and believe in restricting rift access to scholars and trusted individuals, reaching some negotiation with the crusaders; and militants, who believe in brinksmanship, that open access to the rifts ensures the factions remains wary of each other's power while pursuing progress, and the crusaders must be thoroughly repelled.

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