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Mod Raven

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Hi guys,

So there will be a few of us discussing your most pressing lore questions this Thursday (subject to change) evening on the RuneScape livestream. Myself, Mod Stu and Mod Jack will be there and some other notable lore mods are checking their schedules as we speak.

But, we need you!

More specifically we need your lore questions.

To make our lives easier, please ask only ONE question per post and try to avoid multipart questions (we will know when you're asking 15 questions under 1 header).

Obviously we won't answer every question posted (i.e "when will we see X" or "how will the plotline of the rest of he game play out" etc), but we'll try and answer the most interesting questions we find.

So, please ask away. We'll be gathering the questions from this thread and from Reddit, so please ask away.

= Raven =

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