The Skulls in Arc vs Draynor

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Maiden China

Maiden China

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Sepulchre said:
Maiden China said:
was going to say that, but I wasnt sure if it was entirely accurate

what I do definitively dislike is how weak the skulls appear to be. level 2. and not a strong level 2, either. the previous quests had you going up against jail guards... and while you didnt technically have to kill any, you did have to survive their hits and they were level 26

that just makes the skulls look really weak
It was aimed at a lower level than the original Prince Ali Rescue was, iirc.
yes, but also a level that doesn't actually exist, unless jagex counts 'can kill chickens but is afraid of goblins' as a level

th original quest is complete-able at level 3 quite easily

19-Jul-2016 23:37:07



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So, I loved the Tales, but there was a pretty big lore inconsistency in here.

It's established in Ghosts from the Past that the Skulls are, at the very least, 30 years old, and probably far older.

In her Ports storyline, Ling states that the Skulls originated in the west - plus, Rowley pretty much confirms it on this thread.

Yet, the lore from Stolen Hearts and the short story The Rising Sun establishes that Ozan was already in his teens when Khnum was ejected from the Al Kharid Guard - causing him to establish the Skulls.

Now, maybe Leela and Ozan are in their fifties, and they're just taking exceptionally good care of themselves. But it seems to me there's an issue here, and I'd like to see it rectified in game. Maybe claim that the eastern Skulls were secret and mostly unknown for decades, but when an exiled Skull pirate fled to the west and founded a chapter with Khnum - who promptly took over - they became much more prominent and began to operate openly, while the original chapter in the east had already been mostly decimated by that time. Something along those lines, just to make the lore make sense.

12-Oct-2016 18:08:06

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