Elder Life Cycle Plot Hole?

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I was chatting to someone about the lore of the elders when i noticed something odd, i dont know if its a plot hole or i'm just missing something

We know the know the current elders hatched from the eggs on freneskae and drank up all its anima to regen themselves. They then made the universe and eventually settled on gilenor where they slept until now

It also seems that before they went to sleep they laid their new eggs in the new elder halls underneath the rune essence mine at the north pole on the Acheron continent. We know this cus rune ess grows around places the stone of jas sat for a long time, and thats basically just another jas egg. The rune ess mine is laid out exactly like the elder halls on freneskae only with 4 outer chambers instead of 5, and 4 spires of rune ess growing right where the 4 elder eggs would be. Also there's a line which says all the anima in the heart of gilenor is being directed somewhere up north, to the eggs. And we know the halls already exist before they went to sleep cus zaros confirmed it and is looking for it on gilenor

The problem i've found is there appears to be 2 sets of elders currently on gilenor. The unhatched elders in the eggs at the north pole, and the adult elders scattered around the world. So which set are the ones who destroy the universe? Is it the ones in the eggs that drain the anima to regen themselves, if so what happens to the adults? Do they just die when the eggs hatch, do the new elders drain them too, do they put themselves into the eggs after they wake up?

Again i dont know if i've missed something but there doesn't seem to be anything about fully grown elders also sleeping on freneskae, just that it all started when the eggs hatched. So how do we clear up the fact there's 2 sets of elders on gilenor. I cant tell if this is an oversight or a plot hole or if there's some part of the process we havnt been told yet that removes the adult set. Thoughts?

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I asked a similar question in a lore corner last year... (QFC: 341-342-691-65870907)

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- If I've understood things correctly, the Elder Gods currently exist in two forms each: their eggs in the Elder Halls, and their larger forms whose locations are indicated by the Measure and their mouthpieces. Since their larger forms are going to be awakening soon, how is that going to affect the eggs? Is this awakening something that normally happens each cycle or is this the first time? What happens to the larger forms when the eggs hatch? To what extent are the larger Elders and the ones that hatch from the eggs separate entities?

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This is all blatantly something that should be explored in future content I fear. ;)

...and got this response. So it seems like this is something they plan on clarifying in the future.

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It's not a plothole. The Elders are slowly "dying" in their slumber beneath Gielinor, before being reborn through their eggs in the Elder Halls.

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There's a few other references from what I can remember, but that's the only one I could find on short notice.
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