Sliske's Master? (KS spoilers)

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I didn't think this was meant to be a huge mystery. I mean, the specific identity, sure, that's hidden, but I was under the impression we were supposed to be able to get a general idea of the type of entity this 'master' represents.

-Someone aggressively cold and passionless, who places no value on niceties or digressions

-Someone with a knowledge of the Staff of Armadyl's location (while in the claws of the Necrosy*tes) and how to use it to reverse-engineer the Kin's connection to the Stone of Jas

-Someone whose primary goal is to assemble the gods, all of whom covet the Catalyst, in one place outside their fortresses, where they will be most vulnerable

His 'master' is a Dragonkin, or an entity with a very strong connection to the Kin. No one understands the Stone of Jas and its effects better than the Dactyl. No one else has quite as much desire to see the gods (Sara and Zammy in particular) destroyed. It could be Kerapac. It could be a rogue Dactyl yet unseen. It could be some Dragonkin (or even former-Draognkin) out of legend - the four-armed Kin idol comes to mind.

What I'm most interested to see is just HOW a Dragonkin managed to subjugate Sliske - or whether Sliske is really serving this master at all (he probably isn't).

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Cthris said:
I don't think its the dragonkin. One of the only things we know about the yellow text dude is that he/she doesn't understand art.

Yes, the Dragonkin do value art. The Dragonkin form epitomizes a perfection of structure and beauty that emerges in their sculpture and architecture, much as the human form did for the ancient Greeks. We see this in Brimhaven and the QBD dungeon.

HOWEVER these structures date to at least the First Age, and possibly earlier. A time when the SoJ was either not being abused, or only having its power drawn on indirectly. Dragonkin architecture underwent a massive shift sometime between the late 1st and 3rd Age, transforming into the far more utilitarian forms we see in Daemonheim and elsewhere. When consumed by the itch, the Kin have no use for art - or anything else that doesn't serve their cause.

Sorry, that was probably far wordier than it had to be. Dragonkin are my particular interest in the game, so I kinda relish the opportunity to explain them.

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Hguoh said:
Miu said:
Sliske's master definitely sounds similar to Zaros, or at least someone or something relevant to the elder gods and their tools. Perhaps an artifact itself, perhaps the sixth elder god, maybe a dragonkin, but I'm betting on Zaros.

Considering we know that Sliske didn't make a journal about Zaros excommunicating him, and he wasn't truly angry until we saw his secrets, it's very possible the excommunication was a ruse he had planned with Zaros. He seemed more upset at the Easter Bunny than having Zaros abandon him.

That's more of an issue with KS not requiring Fot* (so Fot* can happen after KS and Sliske might not yet be excommunicated for every one).

I think there IS a set order in which the 6th Age quests take place, just the approach to skew more lenient with quest requirements these days makes that order more vague. I would assume that, canonically, Zaros' return is set well before the Sliske endgame series, but it has little enough narrative impact that it doesn't matter gameplay wise.

Also, regarding the Dragonkin argument on the previous page. Would the Kin work with a False User? They wouldn't like it, but Kerapac and Phalaks had no problem (some problems) working with us. Besides that - is Sliske a False User? Sure, he claims to have used the Stone, but he's not exactly known for telling the truth, and the only evidence we have outside of Sliske for his use of the Catalyst is Strisath yelling 'False User' - in a room full of False Users.

Regardless of who Sliske's master is, I think it's pretty safe to assume that he's not serving them so much as maintaining that guise to reap some personal benefit. He'd probably have a lot to gain from the oldest creatures in the multiverse, who've dedicated countless millenia to researching the Elders and the Artefacts.

27-May-2016 01:13:21



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Aterivus said:
My biggest issue with it being a Dragonkin is how it asked Sliske if the Stone would bring the Gods together.

I feel like any Dragonkin would be highly aware of the Stone's allure to others, especially Gods. Even if it would be a particularly-inactive Dragonkin, it's felt the effects of others using it throughout history - be it the Gods, the Kethsians, or what have you. With a history of False Users, I doubt a Dragonkin would require any confirmation of the stone's ability to tantalize anyone.

To me, this falls into willing suspension of disbelief. Less about the character's uncertainty at whether the Gods will gather, and more the developers wanting to make it clear to us that this unknown entity has a vested interest in the gods gathering. It may be a little unnatural and expositional, but over-expositional dialogue is kind of a major thing of villains.

27-May-2016 01:39:55



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Loristic said:

Jas could have meant the Stone too, but in her and your dialogue, you can state, if I remember right, that "He endangered the world", which indicates that Sliske, due to the pronoun "he", was Jas' agent.

Anyway, I really liked how, after a lot of speculation since May, we finally get to know whom Sliske served and who was the mysterious voice in Kindred Spirits. From multiple possible candidates, it was Jas who was the mysterious voice. But Jas' voice in Sliske's Endgame isn't similar, in my opinion, with the voice in Kindred Spirits: in Kindred spirits, the voice speaks without pauses and angrily, whereas in Sliske's Endgame, Jas speaks with pauses and calmly. I'm not trying to falsify the revelation though, but it started to bother me a bit :)

Yup. The voice from Kindred Spirits is so utterly unlike the Jas from Endgame, I can't believe they're meant to be the same. This doesn't necessarily mean Sliske wasn't Jas's agent - perhaps he was talking to the Stone itself.

But I still prefer to think that the "agent" she mentioned was actually the Catalyst, and our character simply misunderstood. We're in an odd place where we STILL don't know what Sliske's big plan was.

04-Jan-2017 00:18:43

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